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This is a list of rival battles seen in the Street Fighter games.

Street Fighter Alpha[]

In the original Street Fighter Alpha, the final boss will be different depending on which character is being used, though most of them fight M. Bison as their last opponent.


Final Boss
Ryu, Adon and Dan Sagat
Ken and Sagat Ryu
Chun-Li, Birdie, Guy, Charlie, Rose and Akuma M. Bison
Sodom Guy
M. Bison Rose

Street Fighter Alpha 2[]

In Street Fighter Alpha 2, in addition to the final boss, there is also a mid-boss that can be fought under certain requirements.


Mid-Boss Final Boss
Ryu / Evil Ryu Sakura Akuma
Gen Chun-Li
Ken Dan Ryu
Sagat Adon
M. Bison Charlie
Sakura Sagat
Chun-Li Gen M. Bison
Birdie Dhalsim
Guy Rose
Charlie Rolento
Rose Akuma
Dhalsim Zangief
Cammy Rose
Sodom Ken Guy
Rolento Sodom
Adon M. Bison Sagat
Dan Guy
Akuma / Shin Akuma Ryu Gen
Zangief Birdie Ken


  • Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma fight the same opponents as their normal counterparts.
  • Shin Akuma is not playable in the arcade version, but he can be selected in the console versions.
  • Cammy is only playable in Arcade Mode in the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, the fifth and ninth battles are character specific, but the final battle will always be against Final Bison (unless the player is using Bison himself or Evil Ryu). Some characters will also fight Balrog or Juli and Juni before facing Bison.


Fifth Battle Ninth Battle Final Battle
Ryu Rose Ken Final Bison
Ken Karin Sakura
Sagat Dan Ryu
Adon Ken Rose
Guy Karin Gen
Sodom Rolento Chun-Li
Charlie Cammy Rolento
Akuma / Shin Akuma Adon Guy
Zangief Rolento Chun-Li
Gen Ryu Akuma
Sakura E. Honda Ryu
E. Honda Ryu Sodom
Vega Zangief Cammy
Cody Birdie Guy
Balrog Gen Birdie
Juli T. Hawk Cammy
Juni E. Honda Ryu
Fei Long Balrog Vega
T. Hawk Charlie Juli
Dee Jay Adon Sagat
Guile Chun-Li Charlie
Maki Sakura Guy
Ingrid Evil Ryu Rose
Chun-Li Birdie Cammy Juli and Juni, Final Bison
Rose Guy Vega
Dhalsim Rose Birdie
Cammy Dhalsim Vega
Karin Blanka Sakura
Yun Dee Jay Fei Long
Birdie E. Honda Blanka Balrog, Final Bison
Dan Chun-Li Sagat
Rolento Sodom Cody
R. Mika Karin Zangief
Blanka Dan Zangief
Eagle Guile Sagat
M. Bison / Final Bison Akuma Sagat Ryu
Evil Ryu Sagat M. Bison Shin Akuma


  • In the arcade version, Balrog, Juli and Juni share the same opponents as Bison (Akuma, Sagat and Ryu), even sharing the same dialogue and ending. They were given unique battles and endings in the console and handheld versions.
  • Fei Long, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Guile, Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma first appear in the console versions.
  • Shin Akuma fights the same opponents as his normal counterpart, and so does Final Bison.
  • Eagle, Maki and Yun first appear in the GBA version, but they weren't given their own story until the PSP version.
  • Ingrid only appears in the PSP version.
  • Evil Ryu is the only character in the game that doesn't have Final Bison as his final opponent.

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact[]

Much like in Street Fighter Alpha 2, every character has a secret mid-boss. Gill is usually the final boss, but some characters fight him as the second-to-last opponent and have a final boss of their own. If certain conditions are met, every character will fight Akuma as the final boss, who appears by performing Shun Goku Satsu against Gill or the rival.


Mid-Boss Final Boss
Ryu Sean Ken
Sean Yang
Ken Dudley Ryu
Akuma / Shin Akuma Sean
Alex Ken Gill
Ibuki Elena
Dudley Hugo
Elena Ryu
Oro Necro
Necro Ibuki
Urien Alex
Yun Urien Yang
Yang Oro Yun
Hugo Yun Elena, Necro, Ryu or Gill
Gill Alex Urien


  • Shin Akuma fights the same opponents as regular Akuma.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike[]

The ninth opponent is character specific. The final boss is always Gill, unless the player uses Gill himself, in which case the final boss will be Alex.


Ryu and Sean Ken
Ken, Chun-Li and Gill Urien
Alex, Dudley, Hugo and Akuma Ryu
Ibuki Oro
Yun Yang
Yang Yun
Elena Makoto
Oro and Q Akuma
Necro Twelve
Urien and Twelve Necro
Remy Alex


  • There will be a special conversation before the rival battle. Yun, Urien and Gill do not have a conversation with their rivals, having one with their final bosses instead. Akuma and Q however, do not have a special conversation before their rivals or final boss.
  • Gill is only playable in the console versions, and his final boss is Alex.

Street Fighter EX3[]

Some specific characters in Street Fighter EX3 can fight a secret opponent in Original Mode under certain conditions.


Secret Battle
Hokuto Kairi
Nanase Kairi
Skullomania Shadowgeist
Sharon Shadowgeist
Ken Evil Ryu
Sakura Evil Ryu
Sagat Evil Ryu
M. Bison / Bison II Evil Ryu

Street Fighter IV series[]

Rivals are fought after defeating six opponents, before the battle with Seth. For characters with two rivals, the player can choose which one they want to fight by holding all three punch or kick buttons when the "Fight Your Rival" message appears. If the player do not press any buttons it will default to the 2P character.


Ryu Ken (3P) Sagat (3K)
Ken Rufus
Chun-Li Juri (3P) C. Viper (3K)
E. Honda El Fuerte
Blanka El Fuerte
Zangief Abel
Guile M. Bison (3P) Abel (3K)
Dhalsim Rufus
Balrog Chun-Li
Vega Chun-Li
Sagat Ryu
M. Bison C. Viper
C. Viper Hakan (3P) Chun-Li (3K)
Rufus Ken
El Fuerte Zangief
Abel Guile
Seth Hakan (3P) Abel (3K)
Akuma Ryu
Gouken Ryu
Cammy Juri (3P) C. Viper (3K)
Fei Long Abel
Sakura Ryu
Rose Ryu
Gen Chun-Li
Dan Sakura
T. Hawk El Fuerte
Dee Jay Rufus
Guy Rose
Cody Guy
Ibuki Sakura
Makoto Fei Long
Dudley Balrog
Adon Sagat
Hakan E. Honda
Juri M. Bison
Yun Chun-Li
Yang Ryu
Evil Ryu Gouken
Oni Gouken
Rolento Cody
Poison Rolento
Hugo Poison
Elena Sakura
Decapre Cammy

Ryu is the most common rival battle, serving as this for 20% of the characters in both Street Fighter IV (5 out of 25) and Super Street Fighter IV (7 out of 35), and 20,5% of the characters in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (8 out of 39).

Unused data[]

Ultra Combo videos indicate several characters would have been given second rivals in Super Street Fighter IV, but ended up keeping solely the same rival they had in Street Fighter IV, for unknown reasons.

  • Ken's second rival would have been Sakura, similar to their battle in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • E. Honda's second rival would have been Adon.
  • Blanka's second rival would have been Dan.
  • Zangief's second rival would have been Hakan.
  • Dhalsim's second rival would have been Hakan.
  • Balrog's second rival would have been Cody.
  • Vega's second rival would have been Cammy, similar to how Vega fought Cammy in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • M. Bison's second rival would have been Cammy, similar to how M. Bison fought Cammy in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as the final boss of Cammy's route.
  • Rufus's second rival would have been Ryu.
  • El Fuerte's second rival would have been Guy.
  • Abel's second rival would have been Juri.
  • Akuma's second rival would have been Gen.
  • Gouken's second rival would have been Ken.
  • Fei Long's second rival would have been Gen.
  • Sakura's second rival would have been Cammy.
  • Rose's second rival would have been M. Bison, similar to their battle in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • Gen's second rival would have been Guy, similar to how Guy fought Gen in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • Dan's second rival would have been Sagat, similar to their battle in Street Fighter Alpha 3.


  • Cody's rival was originally Chun-Li. [citation needed]
  • Evil Ryu was planned to have a Rival cutscene (VS Gouken) like many other characters, but it was cut for time. The dialogue, however, has since managed to be salvaged on YouTube as of July 2013 by a fan (completed by their own animation).

Street Fighter V series[]

In the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the arcade mode returns. in which the final boss of the SFA and SFV ladders will be different depending on which character is being used.

SFI ladder[]

In the ladder, every character of final boss is different. Since Ver.03.060, after Sagat is added, all changed to Sagat, except for Birdie and Sagat himself.

Character(s) Before Ver.03.060 Since Ver.03.060
Ryu and Balrog Ken Sagat
Ken Ryu
Abigail Zeku
Cody and Zeku Abigail
Poison and Lucia N/A
Birdie Ryu
Sagat N/A Ryu

SFA ladder[]

Character New Challenger Final Boss
Ryu Ken M. Bison
Chun-Li Cammy
Dhalsim Birdie
Birdie Balrog
Zangief R. Mika
Guile Nash
Balrog Chun-Li
Blanka Sakura
E. Honda Ryu
Rose Vega
Ken Karin Ryu
M. Bison Cammy
Akuma M. Bison
Sagat Ken
Cammy Nash Chun-Li
Vega Chun-Li Cammy
R. Mika Karin Zangief
Kage Sagat Akuma
Dan Sakura Sagat

SFIV ladder[]

In the ladder, every character of final boss is different. Since Ver.05.012, after Seth is added, all changed to Seth.

Character(s) Before Ver.05.012 Since Ver.05.012
Ryu Ken Seth
Ken, Sagat, Akuma and Sakura Ryu
Balrog and Vega Chun-Li
Guile, Blanka, E. Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim, Cody, Ibuki, Juri, Poison and Kage M. Bison
Chun-Li, M. Bison and Cammy Juri
Seth and Dan N/A
Rose Ryu

SFV ladder[]

Character(s) Final Boss
Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Blanka, E. Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Cammy, Akuma, Nash, Sakura, R. Mika, Cody, Karin, Ibuki, Gill, Urien, Seth, Juri, Poison, Abigail, Ed, Menat, Falke, Lucia, Rose, Oro, and Akira M. Bison
Sagat, M. Bison, Akuma, Rashid, Necalli, F.A.N.G and Kage Ryu
Birdie and Zeku Karin
Laura Ken
Alex Zangief
Kolin Urien
Dan G
Luke Guile

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

When using an official team in Arcade Mode, the sixth fight will be against a rival team. Single characters can have anyone as their partner. Akuma and Ogre have their rival battle as their final boss battle. In the Playstation 3 version either Megaman or Pac-Man (alone) could be faced depending on which franchise the point character of the team is from.


Bandai Namco
Ryu and Ken Kazuya and Nina
Chun-Li and Cammy Asuka and Lili
Jin and Xiaoyu
Guile and Abel Heihachi and Kuma
M. Bison and Juri
Dhalsim and Sagat Paul and Law
Rolento and Ibuki King and Marduk
Poison and Hugo Hwoarang and Steve
Zangief and Rufus Julia and Bob
Balrog and Vega Yoshimitsu and Raven
Sakura and Blanka Lars and Alisa
Guy and Cody Bryan and Jack-X
Elena and Dudley Lei and Christie
Akuma Ogre
Mega Man Pac-Man


  • Despite being boss counterparts, M. Bison and Juri do not fight Jin and Xiaoyu and vice-versa. So they won't be rival team against anyone in sixth fight.
  • Mega Man and Pac-Man are only in the PS3 and PS Vita versions. There are, however, unofficial ways to use them on the PC version.
  • Cole, Toro and Kuro are not playable in Arcade Mode. They are usable in the PC version by means of unofficial modifications.


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