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"So... You really wanna go through the trouble? Fine!"
—Luke (Street Fighter V series)
"Let me have some fun!"
—P2 Luke (Street Fighter 6)

Luke Sullivan (ルーク・サリバン, Rūku Sariban), also known as the Gym Coach (ジムコーチ Jimukōchi?)[5], is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter series. He debuted as the last character in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition's fifth season pass and the overall final playable character of the Street Fighter V series. He returns in Street Fighter 6 as the main protagonist[6][7][8]and is a coach for the player's custom character in the World Tour game mode.



Luke greatly admires his father after he sacrificed his life evacuating civilians, prompting him to join the Special Forces to combat terrorism. However, after a friendly match with Guile, Luke remarks that serving did not grant him the satisfaction he desired, and with the Colonel's encouragement, decides to follow his own journey in competitive fighting.

Luke has an arrogant and youthful demeanor, backed by a strong will. Having quit the military to follow the path of mixed martial arts, Luke's desire to see the world and fight strong opponents has him not take matches too seriously, even making analogies to video games in his win quotes. Even so, he respects like-minded individuals such as Ryu, Ken, and Akira and still admires his military superior Guile.

In Street Fighter 6, Luke takes on a more serious and level-headed role, now an instructor at the Buckler Academy and described as a youthful take on the traditional master. Voice actor Aleks Le deliberately chose to lower his voice between the games, saying that Luke traveled the world between Street Fighter V and Street Fighter 6, being humbled after losing to various opponents and dedicating himself to practicing. Luke's quotes against most of the cast show this evolution as well, being more respectful to his opponents so long as they enjoy the fight as well, such as inviting Ed to play video games.


Luke has pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, and a muscular frame. His disproportionately large forearms are meant to emphasize his upper body strength and the potency of his punches in contrast to Jamie's kicks.[9]

In all his adult character designs, Luke has black tattoo: an abstract V-shaped eagle design on his chest and back and outlines of stars on each shoulder. In Street Fighter 6, Luke’s forearms are now heavily scarred and no longer tattooed with stars as they were in his series debut as the final DLC character of Street Fighter V. His face is also now scarred with a prominent slash running across his right eye down to his left cheek. In an official blog post, the development team explains these conspicuous differences as part of the narrative, each change evidence of Luke’s maturation. [10]

As a child, Luke wears a baggy, white short-sleeved raglan shirt with blue trim and the number 34 on the front, baggy khaki shorts, and sneakers. His hair is parted in the center with floppy bangs that frame either side of his face and peek out from a baseball cap worn backwards.

Street Fighter V Designs[]

In Street Fighter V, Luke’s blonde hair resembles a modern undercut pompadour. Stars are shaved into the closely shorn sides while the rest of his mid-length hair is loosely slicked back like a free-flowing mohawk. He also has black tattoos, ranging from stars on his forearms to matching abstract V-shaped eagle designs framing his chest and back, plus outlines of stars on his shoulders.

Luke’s default Street Fighter V costume consists of typical mixed martial arts gear: orange-trimmed black compression shorts under blue and yellow board shorts. The "BUCKLER" logo appears across the right leg and backside. "USA" runs along the waistband while "CPS" and "ESC" emblazon the right and left leg, respectively. He wears a pair of blue and orange grappling gloves with "USA" on the bands; a set of silver dog tags; and a strip of white tape across the bridge of his nose. Luke wears dental braces that are described as a "favorite part" of his look by a design team member. They are intended to "express his immaturity and his ferociousness that look like as if he might come bite at you." [11] Like most MMA fighters, he competes barefoot.

For his “Story Outfit”[12], Luke wears a blue military camouflage vest with an unzipped sleeveless yellow hoodie underneath, matching blue military camouflage pants with the waistband of his boxers visible, a brown holster around his right thigh, and suede tactical boots.

His battle costume (called “Battle Outfit 1”) is more casual apparel typically worn in an urban environment: a blue and yellow trimmed white basketball jersey emblazoned with the number 14; blue elephant jeans; and the same boots from his “Story Outfit” costume. Unlike Luke’s other costumes, he wears a headband and hair in a high ponytail.  

Luke’s “Track Suit” costume includes blue drawstring track shorts and an unzipped, red-trimmed white and blue vest. A variation of this costume called “v6plus FAV gaming” reuses this look with the addition of white text running down his vest and the number “2022” on the bottom of his shorts. In both versions, he’s shirtless and sports white slip-on sneakers.

Street Fighter 6 Designs[]

For his Street Fighter 6 default costume, Luke wears black pants and a blue sleeveless hoodie over a white, tight-fitting shirt with orange designs that match his chest tattoos. He also retains his MMA gloves from his primary attire in Street Fighter V, but they are now yellow and black in color. The star tattoos on his forearms are gone and replaced with scars. Additionally, he no longer wears dental braces or a bandage across the bridge of his nose. His face is scarred, most prominently over his right eye after a fight with Ken during the Nayshall Incident. Instead of two dog tags, he appears to have removed his own, keeping only his late father’s around his neck. [13]

Luke's first alternative outfit in Street Fighter 6 hearkens to his military background and streetwear: a brown and tan camouflage leather jacket over a loose-fitting white shirt; blue jeans torn at the knees; and Timberland-esque tactical boots. Accessories include fingerless leather gloves in a green camouflage pattern, a single dog tag on a chain, a green holster on his right thigh, and a blue baseball cap worn backwards with hair pulled out over the enclosure and swept to the left.  

Luke's second alternative costume in Street Fighter 6 is his MMA competitor default design from his SFV debut. According to the official Developer's Column, the design team "came up with this [costume] after Luke's [gym training] design for SF6 was [already] established." Luke got a new star tattooed on his forearms for "every time he has won an underground martial arts tournament or an official tournament." However, by the time of Street Fighter 6, Luke "eventually got them removed because he was embarrassed when he found out that his father had embroidered stars on his jacket for every comrade he couldn't save" [11]


According to character designer Kaname Fujioka, Luke is set up to serve as the Ryu for the new generation of Street Fighter fans.[14] He was designed to be a straightforward and easy-to-relate-with type of main character without a lot of "curveballs" in comparison to Ryu.[15]

Luke's inclusion in Street Fighter V served as a teaser while he was being worked on in Street Fighter 6. His design was aged down slightly to portray his inexperience. Luke's unique V-Trigger mechanic, which replenishes over time but reduces upon taking damage, was inspired by the Drive Gauge system.[16]

Unlike most characters in the series, Luke's English voice was recorded first.[17]

Character Relationships[]


Robert Sullivan[]

Luke's father.



Luke's former superior in the US Army. Though the younger Luke's somewhat temperamental attitude often clashed with Guile's strict and disciplined personality, the two remain on good terms with each other. Even after Luke leaves the army, he still deeply respects his former superior and addresses Guile as if he were still under his command. The two maintain a mentor-student relationship, sparring from time to time.

Ken Masters[]

Luke initially believes Ken is a "monster" after Amnesia releases doctored footage incriminating him as a terrorist. As chief of security for the tournament in Nayshall, he leads a team in pursuit of the fugitive Ken. Having served as Mel Master's escort, he also thinks Ken is a poor father for betraying his son's trust. Luke can't help but draw parallels between their relationship and the one he had with his own late father which, at times, overwhelms him with grief and anger, as well as empathy for Mel. While the two go on to fight each other in the arena, Luke eventually learns that Ken was framed.

Mel Masters[]

Luke's young charge for a security escort assignment and, later, friend. Already a bit morose about travel plans imposed by his father Ken, Mel resists Luke's attempts to cheer him up on their way to Nayshall. However, they eventually befriend each other and, according to World Tour mode, still keep in touch.


Luke seems to admire Ryu's fighting prowess, approaching him for a friendly match and, later, failing to get a selfie with him.



Having been deceived by JP as the true mastermind behind the Nayshall Incident, Luke considers him as a major threat.

Jamie Siu[]

Luke's rival since childhood. While both are normally laid-back and positive, the two are considerably antagonistic towards each other since they also share a hot-blooded disposition. Luke and Jamie will argue and insult each other over petty reasons, such as accidentally bumping into each other. Luke mockingly calls Jamie "pretty boy" while Jamie calls Luke a "meathead". Their hostility is not malicious, though, as Luke and Jamie simply want the other to "respect" their respective fighting skill and admit that they are the better of the two.


At some point, Luke has become aware of Akuma's legend. Following the Avatar's encounter with Akuma, Luke helps them to overcome their fear in their rematch against Akuma.


Street Fighter V[]

Luke's past is mostly unknown, though it appears he lived alone with his father, Robert Sullivan, who he initially saw as a quiet and reserved person.

Arcade Mode Ending[]

Luke fought his way through many enemies including Dan Hibiki, finally coming face to face with his former superior Guile. Luke defeated Guile and informed him that he was no longer a member of the military. Luke accidentally told Guile the wrong discharge date and Guile made him write a formal apology.

Like Father, Like Son[]

Luke recalls a memory from childhood, how his father sacrificed himself protecting him and civilians during a terrorist attack at a mall. Following the attack, Luke decides to join the army to fight against terrorism, though he eventually finds himself unsatisfied with this line of work. While training with a sandbag, Luke is visited by Guile, who challenges him to a quick sparring match. Guile reveals that he was asked by Luke's CO to confront his desire to leave the military. After Luke reveals his doubts about the path his life has taken, Guile tells him that he knows people just like Luke who chose to take their fight elsewhere. The two raise a toast to the late Robert, and Luke's new path in life, with Luke wishing to become a man just like his father.

Street Fighter 6[]

Luke returns in Street Fighter 6 where he serves an important role, particularly as the main tutor of the player Avatar in the game's World Tour.[18]

A contractor for a PMC, Luke uses his elite military background to teach mixed martial arts. His days off are spent eating junk food, playing PC video games, and fighting, but make no mistake—Luke plays to win.

Days of the Eclipse[]

Chapter 1: Some Indication[]

In Chapter 1, Luke meets Mel Masters and escorts him to Nayshall. Luke tells Mel how the world is getting bigger. Mel disagrees: the world is getting smaller and smaller. It only took one day to reach Nayshall, a tiny new country that has recently established its independence deep in the mountains of Asia, and a place that none of his friends ever heard of. He then corrects Luke that Nigeria is a country in Africa, not South America as Luke had stated matter-of-factly in an earlier conversation with Carlton. Luke, out of concern, interrupts a heated phone call between Mel and his father. He abruptly informs Ken Masters that Mel is safe, their arrival to Nayshall is imminent, and offers to take his son to the venue before the ceremony rehearsal starts. Once the call ends, Luke asks Mel if he was forced to give up other plans because of this trip. Mel answers, "Sort of", shrugging it off as no big deal. Luke teases Mel about having a girlfriend and tries to befriend him on a mobile game they both play. Mel reminds Luke that he has to prepare for the ceremony, and that he doesn't friend newbs. Luke tries to be funny by howling like a wolf. Mel just tells him that wolves don't usually attack people. He and his dad saw them up in the mountains of Alaska, while attending another tournament there. Luke then gives Mel a piece of fruit and a pocketknife, claiming he'll be “the man” on any camping trip if he masters the use of the knife.

Chapter 2: A Good Fake[]

In Chapter 2, Luke tells Mel that they'll arrive soon. Mel only sighs, visibly frustrated. They walk into JP's press conference inaugurating the Nayshall martial arts fighting tournament arena that's now nearing completion. However, a "hacktivist" collective known as Amnesia disrupts the event, broadcasting footage of Ken Masters secretly colluding with terrorists. Everyone, including Luke and Mel, are shocked. Luke tells Mel that they need to leave for his safety. In the city, and troubled by Amnesia’s claims, Luke informs his boss that Mel's phone calls to his father won't connect. Luke is told that they’re actively investigating the allegations against Ken and discovered that Ken's car was attacked, which angers Luke. He asks if Ken is a terrorist, but they’re unable to determine if the attack was a double-cross or staged to cover his escape. Either way, they decide to cut ties with Ken. Luke is disappointed since Ken is their client, but Luke’s boss reminds him that their only clients are the government of Nayshall and the Terra Partners Network NGO. He then orders Luke to return to HQ with reassurances that they'll continue to look after Mel.

Chapter 3: Manipulation[]

In Chapter 3, Luke's boss and JP recap the situation to Luke and the rest of the security team. Protecting the people of Nayshall is now their top priority as long as Ken's on the run. Despite the dubious validity of Amnesia’s leaks, it could nonetheless provide a perfect excuse for other countries to intervene. In order to avoid an international crisis, the government of Nayshall will issue two statements: the tournament will take place tomorrow, and Ken Masters is involved with the terrorists. Luke, glancing at Mel, recalls the day his own father sacrificed himself to save him and other innocent bystanders years ago. Luke, spurred by this memory, requests permission to lead a team of three in hopes of apprehending Ken. Mel insists that his dad is innocent, but Luke must leave on his new assignment. Luke and Mel shake hands, the former wishing that they could have played that mobile game together. Mel tries to return Luke's pocketknife back to him, but Luke insists Mel keep it. Upon leaving the building, Luke receives a notification that Mel has accepted his friend request. After a bomb detonates in a busy market bazaar, Luke notices a discarded cellphone on the ground; it has been altered into a transponder that triggered the explosion. When more drones begin to swarm, Luke warns his team and civilians that the drones have been modified into IEDS. He orders the area to be cordoned off and that no one touch the drones that have landed. One of Luke's men discovers they're able to trace the source of the transmission and that it's nearby. Later, Luke locates and confronts Ken. Suddenly, a loud bang distracts everyone and an unidentified woman leaps out of the shadows. She grabs Ken in an attempt to flee. Luke shoots the woman in the shoulder, but they still manage to narrowly escape through a window. Luke and his team, however, end their pursuit of the fugitives. Instead, they direct their attention toward a more urgent discovery: a map marked with the targets of additional drone attacks.

Chapter 4: As a Father[]

In Chapter 4, Luke updates his boss: his team has located the terrorists' base of operations where the drones are modified, and someone helped Ken escape, though that person might be injured. Luke's boss explains that the two drones that exploded were stolen, and that the other drones are still missing. He orders the grounding of all drones, including private ones, for the time being, as they're currently working with the local police to trace their locations despite the difficulty of finding them all in a single day. He also reminds Luke that the tournament begins in two hours and he should let the police find Ken. At the arena, when Ken confronts JP, Luke command his men to hold their fire: he doesn't want Mel to lose his father, too. Luke advises Ken to stand down. JP expresses his disappointment in Ken, telling him they'll take good care of his son. Enraged, Ken lunges toward JP, attacking and injuring Luke's right eye. Luke tells Ken that for a national champion, he likes to play dirty, and accuses him of conspiring with terrorists. Ken, in turn, accuses Luke of not knowing anything. Luke agrees, stating that the only thing he knows for certain is that he doesn't show mercy to monsters like Ken. King Shari and the audience cheer for Luke. Mel rushes toward the arena stage to get closer to the two. Luke reveals that his own father was in the army and killed by terrorists like Ken. He also tells Ken that he has betrayed Mel, but he'll be able to see his son again once he surrenders. Ken refuses: he needs Mel to see his father fight until the end. He apologizes to Luke for the injury and offers him a free shot. This sets off Luke. He wonders out loud, "Dammit. Why do all dads always gotta act like this?" before socking Ken with an uppercut. The two continue to fight. Ken defeats Luke, but eventually surrenders and is arrested.

Arcade Mode[]

Luke: Delinquent Turned Fighter[]

Luke introduces himself to the player, narrating his backstory. After leaving the US Army, Luke worked as a private military contractor to earn a living. He later quits his PMC job to become an MMA coach and enter the world of street fighting. Luke is somewhat uncertain about the exact reason why he decided to dedicate his life to street fighting. Despite this, he often recalls the "definition of a fighter" once told to him by someone, that a fighter is someone who "fight[s] their battles on their own terms". Perhaps this, as Luke believes, is the reason that he has dedicated himself to honing his fighting skill, wishing to meet someone who shares the same mindset in life.

As Luke recounts his past bouts against "the best of the best", he accidentally bumps into Jamie. The two fighters stare at each other, seemingly failing to recognize the other. Luke glances expectantly at Jamie, stating that the person in the wrong here should apologize. In response, Jamie says he awaits Luke's apology while also describing himself as "not the kind of guy to raise a stink over nothing." Angered, they trade insults before coming to blows.

After the fight ends, both men continue quarreling. The "definition of a fighter" crosses Luke's mind again. He has "no doubt" in his belief that "Anyone out there calling themselves a fighter is walking that same path and giving it everything they've got," reaffirming his commitment to respect the art of fighting and each new challenger. Yet, in context of his current fight with Jamie, he chuckles and admits, "I'm not sure that I've changed all that much" from "the kid I once was, gettin' into brawls in back alleys". In a graphic-match cut, young versions of Luke and Jamie are overlaid onto their adult selves and posed in the same mid-combat stances. This strongly implies a rivalry spanning back to childhood; it's also as if they both instantly regress to an infantile state by simply being in the other's presence.

Jamie: Peacekeeper[]


Ryu: The Path[]

After Ryu monologues about his personal journey, Luke approaches him with a request for a friendly match. Ryu asks for the purpose behind the fight. Luke admits he doesn't have one; he just wants a shot at anyone stronger than himself. Ryu quietly scoffs, but agrees and proceeds to win. Luke, rousing from being knocked-out, clutches his head in one hand and cellphone in the other. He's disappointed that Ryu left before he could take a picture with him. Yet, he's still content with the photo he did get of Ryu even if it is one of him walking away into the sunset.

Guile: In-laws[]

On a military base, and with a towel around his shoulders, Luke says he's always happy to have trained with Guile. Guile states that occasionally sparring with the youth keeps him on his toes. After Luke asks Guile what he wanted to discuss, the conversation turns to Luke's time in Nayshall. When asked for his opinion, Luke firmly states that Ken is innocent of the terrorism allegations, confirming what Guile has always believed about his brother-in-law. The rest of Guile's story revolves around his thoughts about the situation and a secret meeting with Ken.

World Tour[]

Natural Born Fighter. Power & Speed. Once a fighter... (生まれながらのファイター。 パワーとスピード。 かつては格闘家だった... Umarenagara no faitā. Pawā to supīdo. Katsute wa kakutō-kadatta...?)

Luke appears before the Avatar at a gym where he's coaching. Luke meets the Avatar until one of his students Bosch intervenes.

"Never considered myself much of a teacher, but... hey, it feels good to see a student come into their own. (自分のことをあまり教師だと思ったことはありませんでしたが...生徒が本領を発揮するのを見るのは気持ちが良いものです。 Jibun no koto o amari kyōshida to omotta koto wa arimasendeshitaga... Seito ga honryōwohakkisuru no o miru no wa kimochi ga yoi monodesu.?)"
—Luke's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery


Fighting style[]

Luke fights using a military-based MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), although his style specialized more boxing/kickboxing elements.


Though appearing to be an MMA fighter, Luke's strikes are performed more with abandon than precision, striking his opponents with stiff blows - namely in his forward grab. He also has projectile-like abilities in his Sand Blaster, able to punch hard enough to create an acute orange arc that can even penetrate a Hadoken - and hit its user.

Luke primarily focuses on overwhelming offense at both the mid-range and close-range. His standing punches move him forward a considerable distance, granting him ways to whiff-punish and close in on opponents unprepared for his attacks. Flash Knuckle serves as Luke's primary tool, being a powerful blow that can be charged for further effects, either increasing its safety or allowing for juggles afterward. Rising Rocket is a strong anti-air with anti-projectile applications as well. Though he excels in close-quarters, Sand Blaster offers Luke a terrifying presence even at a distance with its high speed, and when combined with his advancing punches also allow him to be played defensively.

Atypical for other V-Triggers, Luke's V-Triggers instead steadily increase through damage dealt and over time, while decreasing when using enhanced special moves and taking damage. This forces the opponent to take the offensive rather than hang back, and lets Luke remain a threat even outside of his effective range.

For his Street Fighter 6 appearance, Luke retains many of his abilities, with some being repurposed. Thermobaric Bash is made into his first Super Art Vulcan Blast, while Annihilator is converted to his second Super Art Eraser. Luke can perform his Flash Knuckle in the air, giving him a new surprise option. Notably, Luke can also perform follow ups from his OD attacks for an extra Drive Bar, letting him get a better reward at the cost of being closer to Burnout.

Other appearences[]


As part of a Minecraft collaboration, Luke appears along with most of the Street Fighter V cast in the World Warrior skin pack.[19][20]

The King of Fighters All Star[]

Luke was announced in The King of Fighters All Star X Street Fighter V: Champion Edition with M. Bison and Akuma.


Luke appears in Brawlhalla as part of the second Street Fighter wave, along with M. Bison, Sakura, Ken and Dhalsim.

Battle Cats[]

Despite the large number of characters, Luke appears in Battle Cats in the second round of Street Fighter as an Uber Rare Cat.







Stage Themes[]

See also[]


  • Luke is in his late 20s and his rival, Jamie, is 2 years younger than him.[21]
  • Despite Luke's name being the same as Rook from Capcom Fighting All-Stars: CODE HOLDER (his name transliterated as Luke in some Capcom Fighting All-Stars screenshots and the English SFV website), Capcom confirmed that the Street Fighter V character is not the same one as the "Fallen Angel" introduced in the cancelled game.[22] [23] Luke's last name, "Sullivan", further his differences from Rook.
  • His battle costume is similar to the outfit worn by WWE superstar R-Truth during his multiple title-reigns as a 24/7 Champion from 2019 through the early 2021.
  • Luke's Sand Blaster, Rock Smasher, and Thermobaric Thrash (the latter two being available from within his Fully Armed V-Trigger) bears a strong resemblance to Art of Fighting character John Crawley's signature attacks Mega Smash and Atomic Smash. Coincidentally, both characters are former soldiers.
  • Ironically, his Sand Blaster shared similarities to Kevin Straker's (Ken in US localization) Sonic Bullet from Street Fighter 2010, as they're both released their projectiles from their fists.
  • Luke's Japanese voice actor, Tomoaki Maeno, previously voiced Hwoarang in Street Fighter X Tekken. Coincidentally, both young men have a brash and arrogant tone and attitude, and they are both former soldiers as well.
    • Maeno also voices Kyo Kusanagi from The King of Fighters XIV-onwards. In the promo art for The King of Fighters All Star X Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, both characters are shown doing the same fighting pose, along with their signature smile, which reinforces the fact that they’re voiced by the same person.
      • Hwoarang was later included in the second round of the Tekken 7-based crossover, though not voiced by Maeno, as current mainline Tekken games only reuses latest Tekken game entry in KOF All Star. Despite this, KOF All Star brings three Maeno's characters from three famous fighting game franchises.
  • Luke share some similarities with a character named Lud from a more obscure fighting game series called The Rumble Fish. Both have similar appearances with the difference being different mohawks, different colored clothes, and the fact that Lud wears foot guards and a gauntlet that nearly covers his whole arm. Both Luke and Lud fight with MMA style. They both also have similar anti air attacks and similar rapid punching attacks, with the difference being Luke's attack has projectiles.
  • Luke's design, at least aesthetically, seems to be inspired by the main character Ken Kitano from the martial art's manga Sun-Ken-Rock.
  • An official tweet from Taka Nakayama from the official Street Fighter Twitter pages, Luke is described as someone who likes to fight with no intention of getting stronger. [24]
  • Luke's default attire in Street Fighter V has a tag on the left leg that reads "C.P.S.", which is an allusion to Capcom's Capcom Play System series of arcade hardware. Furthermore the coloration of his shorts matches the color motif of the Capcom logo.
  • Unlike other fighters, Luke has two Perfect KO victory animations instead of one in Street Fighter 6, both involving him dancing.
  • According to Luke's English voice actor Aleks Le, Luke's critical health victory quote in Street Fighter 6 was ad-libbed: he was originally given various lines, one of which was "Yes! I won!". He found it generic, and requested to try out "Woo! Let's go!" instead, as a reference to a common "pop-off" callout in competitive gaming (which Aleks had been watching a lot of, to get into character). Humorously, the director did not understand its meaning, and asked "This is for when the fight is over! Where is he going?". After some convincing and a passionate take, the directors let the line stay.[25]
  • The Capcom developers viewed Luke as a Street Fighter 6 character guest starring in Street Fighter V despite being the final DLC character for the latter. His design and gameplay were precursors for the new direction of the franchise. However, at the time of his introduction in late 2021, Street Fighter 6 had yet to be announced. Details could only be teased and then retroactively revealed.[26]

    Screenshot of a mobile game Luke plays while traveling for work. "Some of the cats in this game are weirdly familiar..."

  • Luke expressly doesn't prefer horror video games but, so far, there's indication he's a fan of the fighting, and creature-collecting genres. In “A Bond with Luke: 4,” the video game paused on his TV screen is reminiscent of—if not—DarkStalkers. In World Tour, the limited gift unique to Luke also suggests his interest in the fighting game genre. He and Mel both play the same monster-catching mobile game in Days of the Eclipse. During World Tour, Luke says to the Avatar, "You a gamer? I've been hooked on this puzzler where you collect cats."
  • In the artwork "A Bond with Luke: 4", Luke invites the player to pizza and a round of video games on a console with fight stick controllers. In the cast reveal trailer for season 2 of Street Fighter 6, Luke and Jamie are shown playing a video game against each other . Luke can be seen using a fight stick while, according to director Nakayama, Jamie uses a fightpad. [27]
  • Luke is the only Street Fighter 6 character to have a returning theme, indicating that he is indeed a Street Fighter 6 character, and was only co-starring in Street Fighter V, This was confirmed by Nakayama.[citation needed]
  • Parts of Luke's theme in SFV somewhat resemble Joe's theme from SF1, as well as the classic Guile theme.
  • Luke is the second new protagonist of Street Fighter to be American, the first being Alex in Street Fighter III.
  • At the end of Ryu's Street Fighter 6 Arcade Mode story, the photo Luke takes of Ryu resembles a scene from Ryu's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and Super Street Fighter II: Turbo endings: Ryu, his back to the camera, walks down a path toward the sunset. [28] The path, in the former, runs through a flat, green field, while trees line it in the latter.[29] In Luke's photo, the path is lined with trees which, like Ryu, now appear more as dark silhouettes against the orange tones of an all-encompassing sunset.
  • Coincidentally, Luke's design is inspired by a Warner Bros.' titular cartoon series character Popeye, as evident by his arms' muscles, and one of his concept costumes, with Luke's pose in Street Fighter 6 cover art is based on a Popeye live-action movie portrayed by the late Robin Williams.[30][31]
    • Additionally, Luke is also inspired from SNK character Terry Bogard, due to sharing nationalities (Americans) and hobbies (playing video games), and similar traits and movesets (particularly Terry's Burn Knuckle and Luke's Flash Knuckle).
  • Lidia Sobieska from the Tekken series shares a few similarities to Luke and both are debuted as the last DLC newcomers in their respective games (Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V) on a same year (2021), and their battle themes in latest games (Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6) indicates they are meant to be debuted in the latter before the developers decided to added them to the former games, due to COVID-19 pandemic was still active between late-2019 until 2021. The only differences are: Luke only receives a scar on his eye in Street Fighter 6 and his battle theme in Street Fighter V is actually remixed from 6; while Lidia remains a DLC fighter in Tekken 8 and she only gains her original battle theme in 8, as her corresponding battle stage in Tekken 7 used two stage theme remixed versions of Poolside from Tekken 5 and Beach from Tekken 4 instead.
    • Both of their fathers had died from different explosions to save their respective sons and daughters. Luke's father Robert Sullivan had sacrificed himself to save his son and the mall goers from an IED explosion while Lidia's unnamed father was killed in the helicopter crash, leaving Lidia to become the sole survivor of the crash.
    • Both Luke and Lidia had different fighting styles to face their opponents. Luke uses military based MMA while Lidia uses traditional Shotokan Karate being labelled as Polskie Karate.


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