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"So... You really wanna go through the trouble? Fine!"
—Luke (Street Fighter V series)
"Let me have some fun!"
—Luke (Street Fighter 6)

Luke Sullivan (ルーク・サリバン, Rūku Sariban) is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as the last character in the fifth season pass of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and the overall final playable character of the Street Fighter V series. He returns in Street Fighter 6.



Luke greatly admires his father after he sacrificed his life evacuating civillians, prompting him to join the Special Forces to combat terrorism. However, after a friendly match with Guile, Luke remarks that serving did not grant him the satisfaction he desired, and with the Colonel's encouragement, decides to follow his own journey in competitive fighting.

Luke has an arrogant and youthful demeanor, backed by a strong will. Having quit the military to follow the path of mixed martial arts, Luke's desire to see the world and fight strong opponents has him not take matches too seriously, even making analogies to video games in his win quotes. Even so, he respects like-minded individuals such as Ryu, Ken, and Akira and still admires his military superior Guile.


Luke has pale skin, blue eyes and also has a muscular frame. His blonde hair is cut in an undercut style, with star designs shaved into the sides of his undercut. He also has black tattoos, ranging from stars on his wrists to matching abstract V-shaped eagle designs on his chest and back, and outlines stars on his shoulders. In Street Fighter 6, he has scars across his left eye and right cheek.

His default attire consists of typical mixed martial arts gear - gold shorts with blue trims, USA on the front of the band; a white & yellow "BUCKLER" logo on the right leg with a star between the C & K and a white "ESC" logo above it; blue & orange fingerless padded gloves with a matching USA logo on the bottom bands, black knee pads with orange stripes with matching trunks that peek above the shorts, a set of silver dog tags and a strip of white tape on his nose. Like most MMA fighters, he fights barefooted.

His story costume consists of a blue military camouflage vest with an unzipped sleeveless yellow hoodie underneath, matching blue military camouflage pants with the waistband of his boxers coming out the top, a brown holster on the right thigh and brown combat boots.

His battle costume is something that would be worn by a rapper or in an urban environment; a white basketball jersey with blue and yellow trim, blue elephant jeans and tan suede sneakers. His hair however is tied in a bun adorned with a headband.

As a child, he wears a white short sleeve baggy shirt with blue on the sleeves and collar, khaki baggy shorts and sneakers. His blond hair is shown to have fringes in each sides while wearing his ball cap. The most noticeable part, is that he had no tooth braces prior to his adult life.

In Street Fighter 6, Luke wears a modern outfit consisting of black pants and a blue sleeveless hoodie on top of a white tight-fitted shirt with orange designs matching that of his chest tattoos. He also retains his MMA gloves from his primary attire in Street Fighter V but yellow. His forearms no longer have star tattoos and are now noticeably scarred. Additionally, he no longer wears tooth braces nor a bandage between his eyes and nose.


Street Fighter V[]

Luke's past is mostly unknown, though it appears he lived alone with his father, Robert Sullivan, who he initially saw as a quiet and reserved person.

Like Father, Like Son[]

Luke reminisces about his father, who suddenly sprung into action evacuating civillians in a mall upon discovering an IED planted by terrorists, sacrificing himself while protecting others. Following the attack, Luke chose to join the army to fight against terrorism, though he found himself unsatisfied with his line of work. While training with a sandbag, Luke gets visited by Guile, who challenges him to a quick sparring match. Guile reveals that he was asked by Luke's CO to confront his desire to leave the military. After Luke remarks his doubts about the path his life has taken, Guile tells him about how he knows people just like Luke who chose to take their fight elsewhere. The two toast for both the late Robert, and Luke's new path in life, with Luke thinking that he wishes to become a man just like his father.

Street Fighter 6[]

Luke returns in Street Fighter 6 where he will serve an important role.[5]

A contractor for a PMC, Luke uses his elite military background to teach mixed martial arts. His days off are spent eating junk food, playing video games, and fighting, but make no mistake—Luke plays to win.


Fighting style[]

Luke fights using a military-based MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).


Though appearing to be an MMA fighter, Luke's strikes are performed more with abandon than precision, striking his opponents with stiff blows - namely in his forward grab. He also has projectile-like abilities in his Sand Blaster, able to punch hard enough to create an acute orange arc that can even penetrate a Hadoken - and hit its user.

Luke primarily focuses on overwhelming offense at both the mid-range and close-range. His standing punches move him forward a considerable distance, granting him ways to whiff-punish and close in on opponents unprepared for his attacks. Flash Knuckle serves as Luke's primary tool, being a powerful blow that can be charged for further effects, either increasing its safety or allowing for juggles afterward. Rising Rocket is a strong anti-air with anti-projectile applications as well. Though he excels in close-quarters, Sand Blaster offers Luke a terrifying presence even at a distance with its high speed, and when combined with his advancing punches also allow him to be played defensively.

Atypical for other V-Triggers, Luke's V-Triggers instead steadily increase through damage dealt and over time, while decreasing when using enhanced special moves and taking damage. This forces the opponent to take the offensive rather than hang back, and lets Luke remain a threat even outside of his effective range.

For his Street Fighter 6 appearance, Luke retains many of his abilities, with some being repurposed. Thermobaric Bash is made into his first Super Art Vulcan Blast, while Annihilator is converted to his second Super Art Eraser. Luke can perform his Flash Knuckle in the air, giving him a new surprise option. Notably, Luke can also perform follow ups from his OD attacks for an extra Drive Bar, letting him get better reward at the cost of being closer to Burnout.

Other appearences[]


As part of a Minecraft collaboration, Luke appears along with most of the Street Fighter V cast in the World Warrior skin pack.[6][7]

The King of Fighters All Star[]

Luke was announced in The King of Fighters All Star X Street Fighter V: Champion Edition with M. Bison and Akuma.


Luke appears in Brawlhalla as part of the second Street Fighter wave, along with M. Bison, Sakura, Ken and Dhalsim.







  • Despite Luke's name being the same as Rook from Capcom Fighting All-Stars: CODE HOLDER (his name transliterated as Luke in some Capcom Fighting All-Stars screenshots and the English SFV website), Capcom confirmed that the Street Fighter V character is not the same one as the "Fallen Angel" introduced in the cancelled game.[8] Luke's last name, "Sullivan", further his differences from Rook.
  • His battle costume is similar to the outfit worn by WWE superstar R-Truth during his multiple title-reigns as a 24/7 Champion from 2019 through the early 2021.
  • Luke's Sand Blaster, Rock Smasher, and Thermobaric Thrash (the latter two being available from within his Fully Armed V-Trigger) bears a strong resemblance to Art of Fighting character John Crawley's signature attacks Mega Smash and Atomic Smash. Coincidentally, both characters are former soldiers.
  • Luke's Japanese voice actor, Tomoaki Maeno, previously voiced Hwoarang in Street Fighter X Tekken. Coincidentally, both young men have a brash and arrogant tone and attitude, and they are both former soldiers as well.
    • Maeno also voices Kyo Kusanagi from The King of Fighters XIV-onwards. In the promo art for The King of Fighters All Star X Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, both characters are shown doing the same fighting pose, along with their signature smile, which reinforces the fact that they’re voiced by the same person.
    • Luke share some similarities with a character named Lud from a more obscure fighting game series called The Rumble Fish. Both have similar appearances with the difference being different mohawks, different colored clothes, and the fact that Lud wears foot guards and a gauntlet that nearly covers his whole arm. Both Luke and Lud fight with MMA style. They both also have similar anti air attacks and similar quarter circle attacks, with the difference being Luke's attack has projectiles.
    • An official tweet from Taka Nakayama from the official Street Fighter Twitter pages, Luke is described as someone who likes to fight with no intention of getting stronger.


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