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==== Defeat ====
==== Defeat ====
* ''"Nooooooooooooo!"''
* ''"Nooooooooooooo!!"''
* ''"It's...not...possible!" (Chip K.O.)''
* ''"It's...not...possible...!" (Chip K.O.)''
==== Attack Quotes ====
==== Attack Quotes ====

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This is a list of quotes used by M. Bison.


Street Fighter II series

Street Fighter II

  • "Get lost, you can't compare with my powers!"
  • "Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed!" (console versions only)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

  • "You're no match for my Psycho Power!"
  • "You're good enough to be my servant. Join Shadaloo and obey me."
  • "I will weep when there are no more worlds to conquer."

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

  • "Have you no conception of who I am?! I massacre the likes of you by the dozen!"
  • "My bruises are testament to your skills. But the ultimate result was inevitable!"
  • "Now you understand your worthlessness! You fighters exist only to be crushed!"
  • "Be glad I spared your pointless life. Now crawl out of my sight!"
  • "You are strong enough to serve me, but you don't know how to kneel. Die!"
  • "How do you like the taste of true fear? I will make it the last thing you remember!"

Street Fighter: The Movie

  • "You are nothing but an insect to be crushed under my heel!"
  • "Soon the world will feel the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica!"
  • "Get in my way again and I shall snap your spine!"
  • "Hardly a match for a god!"
  • "Is this the finest fighter the world has to offer??"

Street Fighter film

  • "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday."
  • "I was hoping to face Guile personally on the battlefield, one gentleman warrior to another, in respectful combat. Then I would snap his spine"
  • "The road not taken. But why? Why do they still call me a warlord? And mad? All I want to do is to create the perfect genetic soldier! Not for power, not for evil, but for good. Carlos Blanka will be the first of many - they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude... "
  • "Of course!"
  • "I guess you didn't SEE that, did you?" (to Sagat)
  • "Game over!"
  • "This is merely superconductor electromagnetism, surely you've heard of it. It levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka. It levitates my desk, where I ride the saddle of the world. And it levitates... me!"
  • "[to Guile] Something wrong Colonel? You come here prepared to fight a madman and instead you found a god?!"
  • "[to Guile before attempting to defeat him] You still refuse to accept my god-hood? Keep your own god! In fact, this might be a good time to pray to him. For I beheld Satan as he fell FROM HEAVEN! LIKE LIGHTNING!!"

Street Fighter 1995 animated series

Bison: "Ohoho, this is delicious!"

Balrog: "Guess you won't be needin' those tapes I made for ya. You want me to get rid of 'em?"

Bison: "Don't be hasty! Not until I've seen those Street Fighters pummeled to dust. Which should be any moment, now! (Guile gets knocked down) YES! YES!"

"The Medium is the Message"

(after saving Guile from falling into a lava pit in the nick of time)

Guile: "Seems you had to think about it."

Bison: "Not having your sense of morals, I had to weigh the pros and cons of saving you."

Guile: "...And?"

Bison: "Self-preservation narrowly won out over the pleasure of watching you burn."

"Strange Bedfellows"

Chun-Li: "Monster! You killed my-"

Bison: "Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women anyway? I killed my father, too, and you don't hear me whining about it!"

"Cammy Tell Me True"

Street Fighter Alpha series

Street Fighter Alpha

Win Quotes

  • "Leave my sight."
  • "You are a fool to challenge me!"
  • "You cannot fight destiny. The world will be mine."
  • "You were almost entertaining."

Rival Dialogues

vs. Rose

Rose: "Bison... You have misused your powers. It will no longer be tolerated."

Bison: "They sent you to deal with me, did they? Now you'll learn what real power is!"

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Rival Dialogues

vs. Charlie

Charlie: "You're the commander of Shadaloo? I expected more."

Bison: "It will be a pleasure watching you suffer."

Charlie: "Negative! You're going down."

Bison: "I'll make sure you die a slow and painful death."

vs. Ryu

Bison: "You're an impressive street fighter Ryu. With my guidance you could be unequaled."

Ryu: "Who the hell are you?

Bison: "I am your lord and master. You will give me your respect."

Ryu: "I'll give you something - but it's not respect."

Street Fighter Alpha 3

  • "Fear and respect... the supreme energy that is Psycho Power!"
  • "I torment you, hoping you will return to better entertain me!"
  • "I will CRUSH YOU!!!"
  • "If you wish to live, make your vow of servitude to me... Now!"
  • "I'm happy you are alive! You are still capable of feeling pain!"
  • "My every victory signifies the crumbling of justice!"
  • "The feelings of terror only prove your inferiority!"
  • "What strikes horror into your heart, is simply humor to me."

Rival Dialogues

vs. Akuma

Bison: "So, you're the master of fists..."

Akuma: "...What do you want?"

Bison: "To see if your "evil intent" can hurt me!"

Akuma: "Do not mock me... I will destroy you!"


Bison: "So this is your "evil intent..." ...It is less than nothing! There is no one who can stop me...! Ryu... Just you wait! Your body will soon be mine!"

vs. Sagat

Sagat: "You!!! What are you planning to do with Ryu?"

Bison: "Just know that your rival will be used to further my purposes."

Sagat: "So, you can't fight without someone's help...? Pathetic...!"

Bison: "Fool! The body I have now is more than enough to crush you! If you interfere, you will be the first to perish!"

vs. Ryu

Bison: "Ryu, your existence has been critical to my ambitions... My ambition to rule this world forever... And to be honored as the mightiest of all time!"

Ryu: "All I care about... Is to battle and crush worthy opponents... Now... It begins!"

Capcom Fighting Evolution

Win Quotes

  • "You are mistaken. I'm no demon. My power has evolved beyond that level."
  • "Go ahead. Beg for your life. Perhaps I will take pity on you."
  • "Ready to surrender? Pledge your allegiance to me or meet your destruction."
  • "Fighting you has brought me pleasure. As your reward, I'll let you live."
  • "The despair you feel now is the very source of my Psycho Power."
  • "You can't avoid your fate. It is better to embrace hopelessness than to fight."
  • "My power will replace all that is good with fear and hopelessness."
  • "The great darkness is approaching. Surely even you can sense it."

Capcom vs. SNK series

Millennium Fight 2000

Win Quotes

  • "Relax! You can't stop me, so why even try?
  • "This is a fight to decide life and death!"
  • "Today is the last day in your life..."
  • "Psycho power will never lose..."
  • "You should thank me for keeping you alive!"
  • "Work for me? You will have to do better than that!"
  • "How did you think more human like yourself could beat me?"
  • "The weak always make me sick!"

Ending Quote

  • "This is just the beginning..."

Mark of the Millennium 2001

Before Finals

  • "This play of fools is almost over!"

Win Quotes

  • "Relax! You can't stop me, so why even try?"
  • "You should thank me for keeping you alive!"
  • "Today is the last day in your life..."
  • "Do you want to come work for me? You will have to do better than that!"
  • "This is not a fight to decide a winner and loser, but to decide life and death!"
  • "Huh? How did you think a mere human like yourself could beat me?!"
  • "Psycho power will never lose..."
  • "The weak always make me sick!"

SVC Chaos

Pre-battle Dialogues


Vs. Akuma

M. Bison: "You.... I haven't forgot you!"

Akuma: "Destroy!"

M. Bison: "I'll repay you with death!"

Vs. Balrog

Balrog: "...."

M. Bison: "Balrog, what is this? You dare face off against your master?"

Balrog: "After I erase you, I'll become Shadawloo's CEO. Not a bad story, eh?"

M. Bison: "Hmph. Only a fool would have such dreams. And yours die with you."

Vs. Chun-Li

Chun-Li: "Bison. Shadawloo's CEO! I've finally found you. I'll avenge my father!"

M. Bison: "Avenge? What's that? I don't remember all of my victims, toots."

Chun-Li: "I'll remind you when you've got more time. In prison, that is!"

M. Bison: "There's no defeat with my psycho power! You'll soon know that."

Vs. Dan

Dan: "What a sourpuss. Have you come to seize my strengh?"

M. Bison: "What strength? Just how much do you think you possess?"

Dan: "Agh! Insult my Saikyo groove and you'll be hurting!"

M. Bison: "I'll give you 3 minutes, then send you to hell."

Vs. Demitri

M. Bison: "You...Are no human."

Demitri: "Heh, heh. You don't look that human, either."

M. Bison: "Kah, kah, kah...Yup. With my psycho power I've transcended that! I'll make you a blood offering: your own!"

Demitri: "Hmph. You thing you can equal one who is actually supernatural?"

Vs. Dhalsim

Dhalsim: "You cannot achieve inner peace if you intend to conquer the world, Bison!"

M. Bison: "Hmph. Inner peace? Take a hike, hippie!"

Dhalsim: "You don't intend to see the error of your ways? Then I shall lead you."

M. Bison: "What nonsense... You will bend to my supreme power!"

Dhalsim: "If you do not see, then so shall it go. You'll get no mercy!"

Vs. Guile

Guile: "This evil power... I can't be mistaken. Bison!"

M. Bison: "Don't be shy. Hit me with whatever you're able to."

Guile: "I'm nothing like you. I'll avenge Charlie fair and square!"

M. Bison: "Is that so? Fight pure and die...Eh? honor for your remaining family...Is that it? Do what you got to!"

Guile: "Mess with me and I'll clean your clock!"

Vs. Hugo

Poison: "Hey, you're a find. You got presence, kid. OK. You're hired. You can even team up with Hugo."

M. Bison: "What nonsense do you speak of, woman? It may cost your life."

Poison: "Nonsense? No, I'm serious. Oh, Huuuugo!"

Hugo: "I got you. You're tough... Join our troupe."

M. Bison: "You fool. Die!"

Vs. Ken

Ken: "Hey, Shadawloo CEO guy! You're not up to anything fishy again, eh?"

M. Bison: "Hmph. What's it to you? What can you do, bug?"

Ken: "I can do more than you! I'll plant pain on that big face of yours!"

M. Bison: "You cretin! Traveling so far to die."

Vs. Mirror Match

M. Bison: "Ho-ho. You'll make a fine body double for me."

Mirror Match: "That's my line. I'll give you the glory of being in my service."

M. Bison: "You realize I'm the boss? Oh, whatever... I'll prove it now."

Mirror Match: "Crawl before me and beg for my mercy, bug!"

Vs. Ryu

M. Bison:' "Why are you here, Ryu? Have you come to beg for forgiveness?"

Ryu: "No way. I've come to kick your butt!"

M. Bison: "Yah hya hya. Why the hurry to die so young?"

Ryu: "Back at you!"

Vs. Sagat

M. Bison: "Hmph! Sagat, you dare rise up against me?"

Sagat: "Those who keep tigers risk becoming prey."

M. Bison: "Very well. I'll make you realize your fantastic folly."

Sagat: "Here I come!"

Vs. Tessa

Tessa: "This wave of evil...?! This is psycho power... I'm intrigued."

M. Bison: "Foo ha ha ha. Out of my way, girlie."

Tessa: "I won't move. I'll explain your power sorcerologically."

M. Bison: "Very well. I'll make you the prey of my psycho power!"

Vs. Vega

M. Bison: "Oh, Vega. Have you lost it?"

Vega: "The time has come for you to cower before my limitless beauty."

M. Bison: "Foo, ha, ha. Funny. I'll humor you."

Vs. Violent Ken

M. Bison: "how do you feel, Ken? Bet you're exhilirated. Koo Koo Koo."

Violent Ken: "Ooooooooh... B-bison..."

M. Bison: "Let's see what's become of you. If you're not any stronger, you're dead."

Violent Ken: "Ooooooh-ohhhh!"

Vs. Zero

M. Bison: "Hmm. A human weapon. Tell me how your creator may be."

Zero: "Sorry. I can't."

M. Bison: "Then I'll make you want to tell me. For the sake of Shadawloo."

Ciel: "(Zero! It's Bison, CEO of the secret organization, Shadawloo.) (He possesses a unique ability, psycho power. Beware, Zero!)"

Zero: "I know...Truly I do. ...Anyway... Shall we get it done?"

M. Bison: "So, you dare oppose me. Amusing! I'll see all you have to offer!"

Vs. Shin Akuma

M. Bison: "I have you now, Akuma. There's no place to run or hide. Put 'em up!"

Shin Akuma: "Undiscerning fool! I've no reason to run."

M. Bison: "Don't act so tough. I'll wring every last drop of blood from you."

Shin Akuma: "Rumble!"

Vs. Red Arremer

M. Bison: "What is this place? Power is oozing out from every pore...! Whoo ha ha ha!"

Red Arremer: "Gya-gyah!"

M. Bison: "Wordless beast! You dare corss me. You need some discipline."

Red Arremer: "Gyah!"


Vs. Choi

Choi: "Evil I do not forgive. Just a joke, buddy boy."

M. Bison: "Hmph. I see you get me. I can use you as a gopher in my organization. Now, bow down to me."

Choi: "Don't play me! Even I've got some pride, buddy boy!"

M. Bison: "Very little. Ha ha! Oh, I kill me. So how 'bout it. Bow!"

Choi: "Pass!"

Vs. Earthquake

M. Bison: "You have such speed for a big body! Ever consider a job with me and Shadawloo?"

Earthquake: "Doesn't sound too bad."

M. Bison: "Hmph. You're quick. Smarter than you look."

Earthquake: "If you let me be the CEO, I'd consider joining your group."

M. Bison: "I hate impudence. Know your place, or pay the price."

Earthquake: "Gah ha ha! Bring it on, big chin!"

Vs. Geese Howard

Geese: "Well, well. The leader of Shadawloo. So you're Bison?"

M. Bison: "...Geese Howard, is it? What brings you here?"

Geese: "You can't control the world, but I can. So... Now you can die happy."

M. Bison: "Foo ha ha! How amusing."

Vs. Genjuro

M. Bison: "Hoah! Kill. Steal. Kill again. You're the type of guy I'm looking for."

Genjyuro: "You have no right to evaluate the worth of my way of life!"

M. Bison: "Wah, ha, ha! Then I'll teach you the joy of defeat!"

Genjyuro: "I'd rather die than become your lap dog! Enough! Die!"

M. Bison: "Moo-ha, ha, ha! You got pluck! Show me more!"

Vs. Goenitz

Goenitz: "If you wound me with your detestable power, I will hold no grudge."

M. Bison: "Foo ha ha. Detestable power, huh...?"

Goenitz: "Prepare thyself!"

Vs. Iori

M. Bison: "Oh, ho... You possess a most peculiar power."

Iori: "...What's it to you?"

M. Bison: "If you'd join me, you'd gain power you couldn't imagine."

Iori: "Hmph. I'd rather just see you dead, windbag."

Vs. Kasumi

M. Bison: "Hey, there, young lady. You know well the ways of the warrior, I see."

Kasumi: "You have a keen eye. I am a Todoh disciple... And who may you be?"

M. Bison: "Interesting. If I temper her with my Killer Bees, she'll be quite useful."

Kasumi: "Another villain! Defend yourself!"

Vs. Kim

Kim: "Again...Genuine, 100 proof... Pure, unadulterated evil! Compared to you, Chang and Choi are choirboys."

M. Bison: "Gya ha ha ha. I'm Bison, evil's emperor! Ruler of the world!"

Kim: "Evil...Is my enemy!"

M. Bison: "Pathetic fool... My Psycho Power'll make mincemeat of you."

Vs. Kyo

M. Bison: "Your spunk amuses me. Why not join me?"

Kyo: "Sorry, but I can't. You wouldn't have enough to pay me."

M. Bison: "Then I've no choice but to destroy you."

Vs. Mai

M. Bison: "Wah ha ha. A girl! Such sweet prey for my psychic powers!"

Mai: "Psycho...? When you say that, it really freaks me out!"

M. Bison: "Wah ha ha. You're pretty funny. Soon you'll know how foolish you are."

Vs. Mars People

Mars People: "Bee bo bop boo!"

M. Bison: "Oh, ho. An alien! I've found something really interesting."

Mars People: "Beep bop bah!"

M. Bison: "Foo, ha, ha. Take me to your leader and show me new worlds to conquer!"

Vs. Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "You have unusual moves. I mean... parlor tricks."

M. Bison: "Enough of your prattle. Show yourself!"

Mr. Karate: "In your dreams. If you want to see me, remove it yourself."

M. Bison: "There's no need. I'm not interested in those about to die!"

Vs. Orochi Iori

Iori: "Keeeeeh... Gaaah... Mmmmmmm..."

M. Bison: "Koo koo koo. You look good for a broken man. Such power!"

Iori: "Ooooh-ohhhhhh."

M. Bison: "This should be one of my funner fights."

Vs. Ryo

Ryo: "Hey, how did you attach those big old knee and shoulder pads in there?"

M. Bison: "That's enough chatter."

Ryo: "Those babies in-sewn?"

M. Bison: "You prattling cretin... Put a sock in it!"

Vs. Shiki

M. Bison: "You've enchanted me. You'll be my bodyguard."

Shiki: "It is not you... The one I seek is... All others, I slice..."

M. Bison: "Foo, ha, ha! Lovely! I'll force you to be my bodyguard!"

Vs. Terry

Terry: "Hmm. Well, I'm really gonna enjoy knocking you on your butt! Talk about your stereotypical evil leader! You reek of evil, huh?"

M. Bison: "You goody-goody hero type. You don't know what you're coming up against, do you?"

Terry: "Oh, I know exactly. This'll be a good one!"

M. Bison: "Hmm hmm hmm. Ignorant certin!"

Vs. Shin Mr. Karate

M. Bison: "You, I can use. You'll be my confidant."

Mr. Karate: "Don't misjudge me. I don't give my services to criminal organizations."

M. Bison: "Always the goody-goody. You'll regret your choice."

Mr. Karate: "Don't worry. You'll be going on a little trip--to Hell!"

Vs. Athena

M. Bison: "Where the heck am I...?"

Athena: "You are in heaven. Foul terrestrial evildoer. I cannot let you go back the way you are."

M. Bison: "Wow, It's not a myth! Wah, ha, ha, ha. Take me to your leader."

Win Quotes

  • "Insignificant worm! You didn't even let me enjoy that!"
  • "You should thank me.  Now you know the truth. The truth of total fear. Ha!"
  • "Death to all my betrayers! That is the sole and absolute law of Shadawloo!"
  • "What a limp, pansy foe you are.  If I'm so scary to you, why not run home to mommy!"
  • "Your strength wouldn't allow you to become cannon fodder for the likes of Shadawloo."
  • "Hoo Hoo Hoo. Analyzing you will give Shadaloo new powers."

Street Fighter IV series


  • "Now, face the mighty Bison!"


  • "Nooooooooooooo!!"
  • "It's...not...possible...!" (Chip K.O.)

Attack Quotes

  • "Are you ready to die?"
  • "I'll make short work of you."
  • "Huh. Peon."
  • "Worthless!"
  • "Bow before me!"
  • "Pitiful..."
  • "I'll scar your soul!"
  • "You're dead!"

Story Mode


Super Street Fighter IV
  • "Hmpf... Fifteen. You are merely a gear in the machine that is my ultimate ambition. I was willing to leave you to your own devices as long as I had a use for you. But I never imagined you would go this far... And that vile woman. To think you managed to add such a valuable pawn to your arsenal... I have little patience for betrayal. I will crush you under the heel of my boot like the vile insect you are. Hah hah ha ha... You will regret the day you decided to betray me! The marionette who thinks he is a real boy - you have forgotten your place."


C. Viper

C. Viper: "I'm honored to finally meet you in person."
M. Bison: "I don't know who you are. Nor do I care. Your technology, however, intrigues me. Bestow it upon me, and I may let you live."
C. Viper: "Sorry, but it's not mine to give."
M. Bison: "Very well... Then... die!"
C. Viper: "I won't be the one to die today."

  • Bison: "Tremble before me!" (Start of round)
  • Bison: "Vermin!" (When focus attack connects)
  • Bison: "Shall I kill you?" (When Viper gets stunned)
  • Bison: "Mercy is for the weak."
  • Bison: "Worthless dog!"
  • Bison: "It ends now." (When activating Ultra Combo)
  • Bison: "Perhaps I'll send your corpse to your master." (When finishing with an Ultra Combo)
  • Bison: "No more games!" (When Viper is on low health)
  • Bison: "You have wasted my time." (Ending round normally)
  • Bison: "Beg for your life."
  • Bison: "Do you want to die?"
  • Bison: "Your pitiful excuse for a life is now over." (When ending with a Super Combo)
  • Bison: "Impudent pest."
  • Bison: "You're no match for me."
  • C.Viper: "Time to put an end to this!"
  • C.Viper: " Just hurry up and fall!" (Bison is on low health)
  • C.Viper: "I'm ready to do this!" (Start of round)
  • C.Viper: "Idiot!"
  • C.Viper: "The finale's coming up!" (Bison is on low health)
  • C.Viper: "Better luck next time!" (Finishing round normally)
  • C.Viper: "Try not to be such a pain."
  • C.Viper: "You're all smarts, aren't you?"
  • C.Viper: "You've earned your reputation."
  • C.Viper: "Farewell!" (When activating Ultra Combo)


Street Fighter IV

Seth: "Bison? No... What are you doing here? I was but mere moments away from reclaiming the empire!"
Bison: "Ha, ha... What if I told you everything was gone according to my plan?"
Seth: "I'll destroy you!"
Bison: "You destroy me? A failure like you? Show him what happens to those that dare defy me."

Super Street Fighter IV

Bison: "I don't think you'll be needing this anymore."
Juri: "I didn't realize he was that weak. He sure talked like he was a tough guy."
Bison: "Oh... Your eye... It was built by Fifteen, wasn't it?"
Juri: "Don't know why you're so worried about where it came from. If I were you, I'd be a hell of a lot more concerned about what I'm gonna do to you with it."
Bison: "Heh heh..."

Personal Actions

  • "There is no power like evil!"
  • "Where is your aggression?"
  • "I pity you."
  • "Useless dreg!"
  • "Ha! What weakness."
  • "Grovel before me!"
  • "Utter scum!"
  • "Are you frightened?"
  • "You're not worthy!"

Win Quotes

Round Win

  • "My Psycho Power knows no limits!"
  • "Human garbage."
  • "Pointless!"
  • "You failed to stave off my boredom."

Versus Mode

Street Fighter IV
  • "All must bow and grovel at my feet, for I represent power you cannot dream of!"
  • "Can you see it? Can you see the gaping maw of hell that awaits you?"
  • "Don't try to stand. There is nothing more you can do."
  • "Fear not, for the rest of this world will join you on the other side shortly!"
  • "Fighting you was a waste of time!"
  • "I will be reborn as many times as it takes! Bison is eternal!"
  • "Impressive... Your reward for that performance shall be... your own death!"
  • "Leave my presence at once!"
  • "The terror is overwhelming, isn't it? There is no end to this nightmare!"
  • "Your corpse shall make excellent grist for the Shadaloo mill!"
  • "Your despair feeds my power!"
Super Street Fighter IV
  • "Anyone who defies me willingly invites their own death!"
  • "Close your eyes! An endless nightmare awaits!"
  • "Embrace your fear as you are enveloped by an eternal nightmare!"
  • "I demand an opponent worthy of my strength!"
  • "Kneel before me or die beneath my heel. The choice is yours to make freely!"
  • "Kneel before me!"
  • "My Psycho Power feeds on hatred and death!"
  • "One as weak as you has nothing to offer! Your life ends now!"
  • "Pledge your allegiance to Shadaloo and I will let you live."
  • "When I control the planet, I shall purge it of all hope!"
  • "Worm!"

Arcade Mode

Street Fighter IV
  • "Like a moth drawn to the flame, you sought your own demise!"
  • "Ha ha ha! This Satsui no Hado power you possess... It could be useful to me..."
  • "You know what happens to dogs who turn on their masters, don't you?"
  • "That jungle you grew up must not have been such a tough place after all..."
  • "Had you obeyed your orders, you could have survived..."
  • "Looks like this one is broken. Oh well, there are plenty of replacement dolls..."
  • "Is that all you can do? Your father would be ashamed..."
  • "Killing a worm like you is a waste of my precious power!"
  • "Take your preaching to the grave, holy man."
  • "You pride yourself in keeping tradition alive, but sumo is ancient history!"
  • "Say goodbye to this world, fool! Your time has come!
  • "You call that talent? Your power is useless!"
  • "Yes, yes... That's it. Allow yourself to sink slowly into the darkness..."
  • "Don't worry, old man. I'll send your apprentice along to join you soon!"
  • "Your pitiful country cannot stop me! Go now, and join your precious friend!"
  • "Your wails of despair will earn you no sympathy today!"
  • "Only one man can rule the planet through fear and intimidation!"
  • "Make no mistake! I do not need your blessing to gain the power I seek!"
  • "You clearly have nothing to offer the world. I'd best finish you off..."
  • "Oh, how I delight in seeing the fighting spirit drain from your eyes!"
  • "You are not worthy of the title of henchman."
  • "You are powerful for a girl your age. But it is not enough to keep you alive!"
  • "Damn! If this is all the strength it can muster, it's useless to me! Useless!"
  • "I put up with your insane obsession only when you are useful to me. Not anymore!"
  • "Weak moves, underdeveloped muscles... Shadaloo has no use for you!"
Super Street Fighter IV
  • "The prodigal son returns, eh? You will pay for your insolence with your life!"
  • "You have the nerve to call yourself king? What foolishness!"
  • "Thank you for showing me the Satsui no Hado. Now die!"
  • "You will think twice before attempting to usurp me again!"
  • "Act like the animal you are and grovel at my feet!"
  • "You will have ample time to lament over your foolishness in hell!"
  • "The next time I brainwash you, I'll be sure to finish the job!"
  • "You want to know about your father? Why don't you ask him yourself? In hell!"
  • "Crawl back into your little hole, you insolent worm!"
  • "Even a newly-recruited Shadaloo guard could make short work of you, fool!"
  • "Enjoy the rest of your song as you roast among the flames of hell!"
  • "Let us see if your god comes to rescue you from your impending death!"
  • "Boxers that follow the rules are easier too read than a book!"
  • "Facing you was a complete and utter waste of my valuable time."
  • "You thought that mere acrobatics could defeat the mighty Bison? Fool!"
  • "What weakness! You fail to even stave off my boredom!"
  • "Your body is wracked with illness, yet you attempt to fight? Fool!"
  • "Crawl back to your grave, you pitiful old man!"
  • "I crush anything in my path be it a soldier or a lowly mosquito!"
  • "Bushin-ryu, eh? You have only succeeded in angering me!"
  • "I have no time to deal with fools like you. Get out of my sight at once!"
  • "You were a fool to think you had what it takes to face me!"
  • "What's the matter, child? Go ahead and stand up! Just try and kill me!"
  • "You will now pay the price for daring to defy me, worm!"
  • "There are countless fighters like you around the world! You are not special!"
  • "How dare you defy me? I will see to it that you never attempt that again!"
  • "Finished talking? There will be plenty of time for idle chatter in hell!"
  • "No need to stand. I will take possession of that body of yours right now."
  • "Deny it all you want, but you are and will always be a loser!"
  • "Allow me to usher you to the sulfurous pits of hell!"
  • "You are nothing but a flawed specimen destined for the scrap pile!"
  • "Spare me the sob story. If you cannot bear to be apart, just off yourself!"
  • "You have outworn your usefulness. I will enjoy watching you bleed out."
  • "You were a fool for thinking that your showy moves would work on me!"
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • "How dare a Doll of mine point a blade at me? You require further adjustments."
  • "The world rests in the palm of my hand. I've no time for trifling young girls."
  • "No mortal body, no matter the size, can withstand my Psycho Power!"
  • "The Mad Gear cannot compare to the might of Shadaloo! What a waste of time!"
  • "There is no place for your nation in my new world order."

Street Fighter X Tekken


  • "Face your nightmare."
  • "Hmph, I doubt that you will be needed here." (when being paired with Juri)
  • "Hmph. I'm afraid your quest has come to a most unfortunate end." (as a sub-boss)

Character Select

  • "*Evil laugh*"
  • "Grovel before me!"


  • "For me, it was a Tuesday."

Pandora Mode

  • "Boiling... my blood's boiling!" (When activating)
  • "I won't allow it!" (When sacrificed)

Round Win

  • "Nothing but garbage."
  • "Tremble before me!"


  • "You... gnat...!" (Chip KO)

Story Dialogue

  • "A device that cannot be examined through any conventional means, and yet bestows living beings with unparalleled power..."
  • "Soon this power will belong to Bison and Shadaloo... No matter what the cost."
  • "We're moving onto the next target. There is nothing left to do here."
  • "Settle down, brat. Everything is my prey. Remember that."
  • "Hmm? It would seem that decrepit old man is also on the move."
  • "I shouldn't have to explain anything to you."
  • "It seems this is also part of Pandora's power..."
  • "Whatever happens, Pandora will be mine and mine alone."
  • "Hmph. The Mishima brat is also on his way to Antarctica."
  • "If he is also after Pandora, then our paths will cross somewhere along the way."
  • "The location of old man Mishima has been determined. It's time to eliminate him."
  • "That all depends on how good he is."
  • "Hmph. For an old man who gets beaten by his grandson, you have a remarkable amount of spirit."
  • "And you old man, you've gone senile. Prepare to die!"
  • "Your time has long since passed, Heihachi Mishima! Everything crumbles before my Psycho Power!"
  • "Next up is the Mishima brat. He, too, shall know despair in the face of Psycho Power."
  • "Bwa ha ha ha! All who oppose the mighty Bison will regret it in the afterlife!"
  • "Now Pandora is all mine. Hmm? What power is this?"
  • "Begone, worm."
  • "All pests have been eliminated. Let's go."
  • "Pandora's box is finally mine!"
  • "You are an all predictable simpleton. I have anticipated your betrayal, from the very beginning..."
  • "All those who dare to defy me, meet their end."


  • "One foot's already in the grave."
  • "You will be slaughtered!"
  • "Weakling!"
  • "Nonsense!"
  • "Kneel!"
  • "A worthless challenger!"
  • "That was useless."
  • "Struggle all you want..."
  • "Oppose me and die!"
  • "Do not incur my wrath."
  • "You'll pay for that."
  • "You won't survive."
  • "Prove your worth!"
  • "Useless trash!"
  • "Get out here, brat!"
  • "Now kill each other!"
  • "I will finish this!"
  • "Hm. Very well..."
  • "Do not order me around!"
  • "Crush them!"
  • "Now do it!"
  • "Very well..."
  • "Fine by me."
  • "You're my prey now!"
  • "Shield me from them!"
  • "It's time to annihilate them!"
  • "Dispose of them!"
  • "Delicious..."
  • "This fight is almost an insult!"
  • "Pledge your loyalty to Bison."
  • "Next time, show me your hatred!"
  • "Die if you can no longer stand!"
  • "Know your limits!"
  • "You weakling!"
  • "Not amusing in the least!"
  • "How worthless."
  • "My Psycho Power is eternal."
  • "Behold the majesty of my Psycho Power."
  • "Your death awaits!"
  • "Prepare for annihilation."
  • "End of the line."
  • "Do as I command, lackey!"
  • "Words are unnecessary."
  • "Not that easy!"
  • "Weak!"
  • "Foolish!"
  • "You worm!"
  • "How dare you!"
  • "Hehehe, a painful death awaits."
  • "You will rue this day!"
  • "We may now begin."
  • "Just what I was waiting for."
  • "Useless!"
  • "Psycho Crusher!"
  • "You're dead!"
  • "Crush you to dust!"
  • "Scream in pain!"
  • "This place shall become your grave!"
  • "I will scar your soul!"
  • "I'm going to give you a lesson in despair!"
  • "Prepare to die!"
  • "Genocide starts with one."
  • "Know regret in your death!"
  • "Say farewell to this world!"
  • "Filthy scum!"
  • "Not dead yet?"
  • "Don't push your luck!"
  • "Whats wrong? Dying already?"
  • "Impudent whelp!"
  • "How dare you still live!"
  • "I will utterly destroy you."
  • "Would you like to try and beg for your life now?"
  • "Hmm... insect."
  • "Prepare yourself for death!"
  • "Nothing but pathetic lackeys!"
  • "I will silence you forever!"
  • "I find your skills insufficient."
  • "Accept your death and wither away."
  • "Nothing beats Psycho Power!"
  • "I plan on enjoying this."
  • "Worthless insect!"
  • "I'll add your power to my own."
  • "I'm not fighting a god, i'm fighting a joke!"
  • "Leave my sight, garbage!"
  • "Your defeat is now total."
  • "I feel you suffocating in your terror."
  • "There is no power like evil."
  • "Be silent and perish!"
  • "As I thought, just another worthless dung heap!"
  • "The honor to die in the shadow of my ambitions..."
  • "Kneel before me and beg for your worthless life!"

Versus Mode/Arcade Mode

Street Fighter

  • "Oh, you're still alive? Interesting. It may prove useful to conduct further tests on you."
  • "Did you think you could get a raise by besting me in battle? You're lucky I pay you at all!"
  • "I have done many things, but I’m certainly not responsible for creating something as ridiculous as you."
  • "I have no use for defective dolls. Time for you to return to nothingness."
  • "All you women ever do is whine! I killed my father too, and you don't see me crying about it!"
  • "The price for defying Lord Bison is death. Do not think I will allow you to die painlessly."
  • "You believe in the wrong god. I'm right here."
  • "What's the matter, Guile? Came here expecting to fight a mere mortal? Bison is far beyond you!"
  • "Bushinryu…truly pathetic. Don’t even bother groveling for your life!"
  • "Bwa ha ha ha! I can hear the sound of your bones breaking! Yes! This is delicious!"
  • "Scamper away before Bison teaches you the true meaning of fear, little girl!"
  • "It would seem that only having power in one eye isn't good enough. Shall I gouge out the other for you?"
  • "Know your place, you pitiful insect!"
  • "Even in defeat, your mouth knows no end... In that case, I will silence you forever."
  • "Kneel before me and I may forgive your insolence. ...Decide quickly."
  • "It is I who no longer has any use for you. A loser will never be a king."
  • "Sneaking around behind my back is the fool's way to a painful and agonizing death!"
  • "Take your pride for your country with you to the afterlife!"


  • "Puppets with no strings are nothing more than scrap iron!"
  • "Noisy brat, it is never to early too learn the depths of despair! Let Bison be your teacher!"
  • "Perfect body, you say? Hmph. You know nothing of the sort."
  • "If you have a death wish, you've come to the right place!"
  • "Never let it be said that Bison is unkind. If I meet your friend, I'll send him to hell to meet you there!"
  • "Decrepit old fool, this place shall be your grave!"
  • "Hmm? What happened to your petty threats, boy? Did you wet your pants in fear?"
  • "Hmm... if mass produced, I may have some use for this toy."
  • "There is no hope in my world. Only the never-ending nightmare!"
  • "Your moves are nothing but show. You never had a chance against my Psycho Power!"
  • "Man or beast, all is subject to my control! Regret your trespasses against me!"
  • "Hmph. You and your ideals can go straight to hell!"
  • "Hopeless trash! I have better things to do than to entertain the likes of you!"
  • "I admire your bravery in your attempt on taking me on. Or is it stupidity?"
  • "Someone with a mouth like yours has yet to feel true pain. Allow me to correct this."
  • "I may have some use for you... pledge your allegiance to me, and I may let you live."
  • "On raw power alone, you are impressive. But not nearly enough to compare with me."
  • "If you wish to be the best fighter in hell, I will send you there!"
  • "Calculate all you want, the result will always be the same! You cannot defeat the mighty Lord Bison!"
  • "Tremble in fear before my might! Die as you are paralyzed with terror!"
  • "Caring for others is a waste of time! You should worry about the fear I am going to instill in you!"
  • "Your sword has an interesting power... but I have no use for it. It's time for you to perish."


  • "That power of yours is intriguing... Become a part of Shadaloo and I'll put it to good use."
  • "You will soon learn that having bothered me was the worst mistake of your life."
  • "The power to consume the living with death... that is true Psycho Power!"

Street Fighter V

Character Select

  • "Hehehehe...very good."


  • "Bow down before my Psycho Power!"
  • "Face the neverending nightmare!" (Training Mode)
  • "The mighty Bison is here to administer last rites." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "True despair will be engraved on your worthless body." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "I will give you death." (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Time to meet your death, vile insect!" (Extreme Survival Mode)


  • "Worthless!" (front)
  • "Hehahaha!" (back)


  • "Meaningless!"
  • "A feeble effort." (Psycho Punishment, physical strike)

V-Trigger I

  • "Psycho Power!"

V-Trigger II

  • "Scurry!"
  • "Feel it within your body!" (Psycho Charge)
  • "Burst!" (Psycho Judgement)
  • "Psycho Crusher!" (Psycho Crusher)


  • "And now, it's time for last rites." (Language Change)
  • "Hm. Haven't you learnt to submit?"
  • "I will strike you down into an infinite abyss of despair!"
  • "Time to learn!"
  • "Inferno!" (Psycho Inferno)
  • "Burn!" (V-Trigger Psycho Inferno)
  • "Incinerate!" (EX Psycho Inferno)
  • "Bow to me!" (EX Double Knee Press)
  • "So weak!" (V-Reversal)
  • "Writhe in utter despair!" (Taunt)
  • "Away with you!" (Critical Art activation)
  • "You're nothing!" (EX V-Trigger Psycho Blast)
  • "Kneel down!" (EX V-Trigger Head Press)
  • "Struggle!" (V-Trigger Double Knee Press)
  • "Crumble!" (EX V-Trigger Double Knee Press)
  • "Blast!" (Psycho Blast)
  • "I will dominate all." (Training Mode)
  • "The time has come to unleash hell."
  • "There is no way to stop it. Everything will come to an end."
  • "The mighty Bison is here to administer last rites."
  • "True despair will be engraved on your worthless body."
  • "I will give you death!"
  • "Kneel down!"
  • "Meaningless!"
  • "Worthless!"
  • "What's wrong? Has 5 minutes gone by already?"
  • "Try to resist if you can."
  • "Stupid fool!"
  • "Your poison doesn't work on me."
  • "Was that your best?"
  • "Enjoy this time, as it will be the very last 5 minutes of your life."

Win Quotes

Round Win

  • "You're weak! Pathetic and weak!"
  • "Ah... a good way to kill some time!" (20% health and less)

Versus Mode (Generic)

  • "This nightmare is not going to end. Not until you're dead."
  • "Resistance is useless. My Psycho Power will annihilate all."
  • "At the limits of despair, death is the only respite!"
  • "You have been quite entertaining. As a reward, I will grant you death."
  • "Maggot!"
  • "GET LOST, YOU CAN'T COMPARE WITH MY POWERS!" (Classic Costume only)

Versus Mode (Character-Specific)

  • "So that's the Satsui no Hado? Bah! You barely even laid a finger on me! You don't even deserve to live!"
  • "You have no future before you. You only have despair."
  • "Can you not even weed out traitors? Your ignorance knows no bounds."
  • "I have no interest in brutes like you. Get lost."
  • "With death, all is forgotten. Pain, suffering, and even the past."
  • "You are powerless against the almighty Bison!"
  • "You call that a fire? Let me snuff it out along with your life."
  • "I shall do your country a favor by crushing you beneath my foot!"
  • "How pathetic. Clearly you can't handle that power."
  • "You pathetic fool!"
  • "If you are a soldier, surely death in battle is what you aspire to!"
  • "Cheap tricks will not work against my Psycho Power! Now die!"
  • "You're just a big-mouthed brat. I'll put you out of your misery."
  • "You are the shadow of nothing. Choke on your despair."
  • "Child! It is I who am the strongest!"
  • "The likes of you cannot hope to harm me! You don't even deserve to live!"
  • "That's all your style has to offer? My power is absolute."
  • "Fool! You cannot defeat me with your so-called justice!"
  • "Trash. Nothing more than a low level imposter."
  • "You speak of destiny? Mua ha ha ha! The likes of you can see nothing!"
  • "You should consider it an honor to have fallen by my hand twice!"
  • "You'll never see your friend again, because this is where you will die."
  • "You will pay dearly for wasting my time, child."
  • "The true ruler is I, Lord Bison! Not some nobody spouting nonsense!"
  • "Beauty is nothing compared to all-conquering power!"
  • "You're an eyesore. You will smolder in my Psycho Power."
  • "It's laughable that you thought your shrewd parlor tricks would work on me!"
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