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Mad Cradle is one of Seth's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion and pressing punch, Seth crosses his arms, moves forward slightly before spinning upwards in a drill-like motion. The EX Special version hits multiple times.



The move functions primarily as an anti-air attack, sharing similar properties to that of a Shoryuken. It is solid for catching jump-ins. This is a more reliable anti-air attack, compared to his normals. The Light version is invincible to throws, while the Medium and Heavy version are invincible to midair attacks. Because of its invincible properties, this move is Seth's best wake-up reversal option. However, it is very unsafe on block. During the recovery frames of this attack, Seth is vulnerable in a Counter Hit state.

Besides being Seth's go-to anti-air attack, it is also used to end combos. Mad Cradle is his most damaging special move. Its fast startup makes it easier for Seth to link from most of his normals. It also deals more stun, compared to his other special moves. On hit, it leads to a knockdown and creates separation between his opponent. This resets the neutral game and allows Seth to use his mid-range pokes to keep them at a distance.

The strength of the punch button determines the height of the jump, startup, range, and damage output. The Light version has the fastest startup, but inflicts the least damage. While the angle of his jump is nearly vertical, it is useful to stop shallow jump-ins and cross-up attempts. The Medium version is his most reliable anti-air move, due to its air attack invincibility and fast startup. While the Heavy version has a slightly slower startup, it has the best range, which is solid for stopping far jump-in attempts. It can also be linked from most of his normals in which the Light's and Medium's angle may be difficult to connect. Each version can be cancelled into Seth's Critical Art. The EX version has the same startup as the Light version and inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. Seth is also fully invincible. The EX version also hits multiple times, inflicting more damage.

If equipped with his second V-Skill, then Seth performs Mad Spiral, which is a drilling move that attacks at a 45° angle and hits multiple times. If his first V-Trigger is active, Seth can cancel Mad Cradle into Mad Spin; where he performs a multi-hitting downward drilling attack that's visually similar to Cammy's Cannon Strike while in her first V-Trigger.



  • Mad Cradle and its Mad Spin followup during Tanden Ignition are based off the Demon Cradle and Bat Spin moves by Darkstalkers character Demitri Maximoff. Mad Spiral, the variant performed during Tanden Booster, is also based off of Demitri's ability to perform it at an angle during a dash.
    • After performing Mad Spin, Seth formally bows to his opponent, much like Demitri does when performing his Midnight Bliss super.