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The Mad Gear Hideout is a stage that appears in Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter × TekkenEdit

The stage appears at night, where various members of the Mad Gear Gang (Belger, Abigail, Sodom, Damnd, Axl, Edi. E, and an Andore) from the Final Fight series are orchestrating a Kabuki show, playing music and dancing in a Japanese building. The top sign says 魔奴義亜 ("Mado Gia", Mad Gear miswritten with kanji, like Sodom's ending in Street Fighter Alpha). Near the sign are pictures of Belger, Abigail, Sodom, and Rolento. The letters on most lanterns say "Sodom" (ソドム), and Poison is written in hiragana in one of the background pictures.

The activity in the background changes during the rounds as the rounds go by. In the beginning, Abigail appears from a platform in the central stairs. In the second round, Sodom joins the show, also appearing from the center. In the end of the second round, Mike Haggar breaks through the center, scaring the Mad Gear members. In the third round the lights are off and Haggar is chasing Sodom. Axl and Damnd are knocked out, and the other gang members are tired. In the end of the battle, Abigail and the Andore collapse and the sign above the hideout falls.

The PlayStation Vita version appears to take place after the events from the other versions, but with minor damage done to the background. Mike Haggar makes poses and watches the battle near a tied up Damnd and Axl. Andore and Sodom are uncounscios, and Edi. E is stuck in the drum. Other members from the gang are absent. In the beginning of the second round, a blonde woman with a red dress (possibly Haggar's wife) will appear from the center of the stage and go talk with Haggar, angrily showing him some papers. Haggar will then run away from her, and she will chase him for the rest of the match.

Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit


Battle on Mad Gear Hideout.

The stage is located in the East Coast of the United States, most likely in Metro City. It is the same as the Street Fighter X Tekken version, except that when the sign falls in the end of the third round, it will stay down in the next round onward instead of returning every round.


Off Camera SceneryEdit



  • The backround theme of the USFIV version is very similiar to the theme of the Hell's Gate stage from Tekken 5, and the backround flute is also somewhat reminiscent of the flute from Noh Theater in Tekken 6. These similiarities could just be a result of them all having Kabuki-themed backround music, but it could also be a more direct nod to the Tekken series since the stage originated from the crossover with said series.
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