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Mahesh (マヘシュ Maheshu?) is an Indian police officer that Dhalsim takes as a yoga disciple, as he wanted to learn yoga to become stronger and be able to protect the population like Dhalsim. His favorite food is curry, and the latest movie he saw was The Eternal Ganga, which made him cry.[1]


Street Fighter V[]

In Dhalsim's prologue story, Mahesh asks Dhalsim if he could teach him yoga, and he accepts to make Mahesh his disciple. While training with Dhalsim, Mahesh sees Rashid, Oro, R. Mika, and other persons come after Dhalsim for different reasons. In the end of the prologue Mahesh is able to use a small Yoga Flame.

In the story mode, A Shadow Falls, Mahesh is saved from being killed by Necalli thanks to Dhalsim and Ryu's quick intervention.