Maki Hatsudo (魔気発動 Maki Hatsudō?, "Demon Qi Invocation") is one of Kairi's Super Combos, introduced in Street Fighter EX3.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter EX3 Super Combo Arcade-Button-LPunch Arcade-Button-HPunch Arcade-Button-MKick Arcade-Stick-Right Arcade-Button-LKick Arcade-Button-MPunch Arcade-Button-HKick


This move can only be performed when Kairi has less than ¼ of his life left. Kairi also enters this state automatically after performing Shoki Hatsudo.

Kairi suddenly jumps in the air, and his lifebar starts decreasing. During this state, all of his attacks will do more damage and set the opponent on fire (even if his Super Combo Gauge is not completely filled). It also changes the properties of two of his special attacks:

  • Shinki Hatsudo becomes an energy projectile (similar to how it was in the original Street Fighter EX).
  • Maryu Rekko does multiple hits (up to seven if performed up close).
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