Makoto 's brother and grandfather

Makoto's brother and grandfather in Super Street Fighter IV.

Makoto's family consist of her late father, her brother and her grandfather.

Makoto's brother and grandfatherEdit

Makoto's brother and grandfather are seen in her endings from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Super Street Fighter IV.


Masaru (まさる?) is Makoto's father. While alive, he was the master of the Rindo-kan Karate dojo. He bravely faced any difficulty. He visited various countries to test his skills against veterans around the world, but became too absorbed with his training, neglecting his home. That was until he suffered a crushing defeat against a strong man in South America (Oro in the Udon comics). Disheartened, he returned home. Some time later, he suffered an accident and passed away. His special moves are the powerful anti-air technique Fukiage (吹上? "Blow Up") and the hook thrust Natsukusa (夏草? "Summer Grass").[1]



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