Marlowe is a non-playable character who is Cody's assistant, first seen in his character story in Street Fighter V.



She is slim young woman with short red hair often tied into a small ponytail. She also wears glasses that are large and circular. She wears a business suit fitting of an assistant such as herself. The suit is red and short sleeved and the dress shirt itself is short enough to expose her abdomen is clad in red and white (the suit is different in Cody's Arcade Ending in the Street Fighter V path, as the entire outfit is black and white, the jacket is long sleeved and it is long enough to cover her abdomen). Strangely, in all of her appearances thus far, the entirety of her face hasn't been shown at all; often showing her face covered in shadow with her glasses "glowing" or part of her face being "off-screen" or covered up by another character or object.


Marlowe is portrayed as an upright woman with a rather strict sense of order and discipline. However, she too has empathy, as seen with her working relationship with Cody.



Marlowe can be rough against Cody and won't hesitate to scold him if needed. However, it is clear they have a healthy professional relationship, if not for the usual excursions by Cody. He sometimes refers to Marlowe as “Maisie”.



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