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Masahiko Nakahira (中平正彦 Nakahira Masahiko?) is a mangaka (Japanese comics author). He is most known within the fighting game community for his Street Fighter related works.

List of Street Fighter mangas[]


He is the creator of the following characters that Capcom added in the official SF lore afterwards.

  • The two orphans Sagat takes care of.

Other aspects of Nakahira's manga were incorporated into the games, such as the Shin Shoryuken and the Kaze no Kobushi.


Street Fighter mangas[]

Street Fighter Alpha[]

Sakura Ganbaru![]

Street Fighter III: Ryu Final[]

The KANZUKI ZERO Plus (published in Gamerations)[]

Ichi! Nino!! Hinatasan!!![]

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

Street Fighter V[]


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