The Mask of Tlalli (大地の仮面 Daichi No Kamen?) is Necalli's command throw in Street Fighter V. [1]

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick HCB+Arcade Button Kick

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Necalli Grab

Necalli using the attack against Nash.

Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Necalli grabs the opponent by their face, swings them up into the air and slams them down into the ground.

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This is a great command throw that leaves Necalli close to his opponent. It is often used when resetting the opponent in order to keep up momentum. This command throw has a fast startup and inflicts more damage than any of Necalli's normal throws. However, his command throws have a lot of recovery frames, leaving him defenseless if he whiffs.

Because it's a command throw, this move cannot be blocked. It is great for keeping the opponent guessing, as well as utilizing tick throws. With it's fast startup, he can use this move to break their defenses and deal a large chunk of damage. Necalli can condition his opponent to constantly block his suffocating offensive pressure, and surprise them with his command throw. It is also an effective move to use in the corner. After hitting his opponent once with his command throw in the corner, Necalli can go for another one if they quick rise, making it an effective tool to maintain pressure.

The strength of the kick button determines the range and damage inflicted. The Light version does the least amount of damage, but has the longer range. The Heavy version has the shortest range, but inflicts the most damage. The EX version has the same reach and fast startup as the Light version, but only does roughly half the damage. In exchange, it bounces the opponent off the wall and creates more combo opportunities.

One particularly useful combo is to force a reset by following the EX variant with a standing jab (i.e. Light Punch). This leaves Necalli within the ideal range for various Crush Counters. He can also counter blocks with normal throws or another command throw. While the opponent is being reset in the air, Necalli can also dash under them to the other side, making for some excellent mix-up tactics.


'Tlalli', when translated from Nahuatl to English, means 'the Earth'. The name of this move refers to Aztec burial rituals. Aztecs who died of old age or other natural causes were cremated and were said to go to the equivalent of Hades or Purgatory. On the other hand, those who died a hero's death, either by battle or offering themselves as sacrifice were buried instead. They were believed to go to Heaven.[2]

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