The Matador Flip is Vega's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Matador Flip Arcade-Button-MPunch+Sf3 kick medium
Cosmic Smart ​​​Arcade-Button-MPunch+Arcade-Button-MKick>Arcade Button Kick


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Vega performs a back flip away from his opponent, which is similar to his Back Slash in older games. By pressing kick during the rotation, Vega jumps forward and performs a Cosmic Heel.


Matador Flip is one of Vega's defensive tools. It helps him escape pressure or to reset the neutral game. From during the first part of the startup frames, Vega is fully invincible to throws and attacks. He also creates a lot of separation from his opponent. This makes it difficult for his opponent to chase down Vega and punish him while he's about to land.

Vega can also surprise his opponent with his kick follow-up, which allows him to build V-Meter. Cosmic Smart is -6 on block. However, if the opponent is trying to chase down Vega after the flip, he can throw out this move to knock them back. While the Matador Flip makes most of the opponent's attacks whiff, using the Cosmic Smart follow-up gives Vega a guaranteed whiff punish on reaction. On hit, Vega can link Crouching Heavy Kick, EX Aurora Spin Edge, or his Critical Art for extra damage. He can also cancel into his V-Trigger to make Cosmic Smart safe on block or to get a good juggle combo on hit.

Similar to Vega's first V-Skill, Matador Flip gives him a way to evade attacks and a decent mid-range follow-up. However, his second V-Skill is better defensively due to the invincibility frames from the startup. It also helps play to his hit-and-run style offense. Vega can control the spacing and frustrate his opponent with the back flip, and then surprise them with Cosmic Smart to regain advantage.

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