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The Matsuda Family (松田家 / マツダ家?), or Silva Matsuda Family, is a family from the Street Fighter series.

Originating from Japan, Kinjiro Matsuda emigrated to Brazil, where he started working on a farm and teaching his Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu. His son Yuichiro married with the Brazilian Brenda da Silva, and they had three children: The robust Fabio, the tomboyish Laura, and the young Sean.

Known members[edit | edit source]

Sean Matsuda[edit | edit source]

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Sean Matsuda (ショーン・マツダ Shōn Matsuda?) is the youngest son of Yuichiro and Brenda.

Laura Matsuda[edit | edit source]

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Laura Matsuda (ララ・マツダ Rara Matsuda?) is the only daughter of Yuichiro and Brenda.

Fabio Matsuda[edit | edit source]

Fabio Matsuda (ファビオ・マツダ?) is the eldest son of Yuichiro and Brenda. He has long black hair with dreadlocks tied in a high ponytail and black eyes. Like his brother Sean, he wears a gi similar to both Ryu and Ken. He's 7 years older than his younger brother Sean and a year older than Laura. [2][3]

Kinjiro Matsuda[edit | edit source]

Kinjiro Matsuda (松田 金治郎 Matsuda Kinjirō?) is the father of Yuichiro and grandfather of Sean, Laura and Fabio.

Yuichiro Matsuda[edit | edit source]

Yuichiro Matsuda (松田 雄一郎 Matsuda Yūichirō?) is the son of Kinjiro and Teruko. In Brazil he married Brenda and they had the three Matsuda siblings.

Brenda Matsuda[edit | edit source]

Brenda Matsuda (ブレンダ・マツダ?) is Yuichiro's wife and mother of the three Matsuda siblings. She is Pedro's sister and aunt of Enzo and Manuela.

Da Silva Family[edit | edit source]

The da Silva Family (ダシウバ家 da Shiuba Ikki?) is the family of Brenda and her brother Pedro. They run a general store and teach Capoeira. The da Silva live near the Matsuda and have a good relationship, doing things such as gathering to dinner. Sean gets along well with his cousins Enzo and Manuela.

Pedro da Silva[edit | edit source]

Pedro is Brenda's brother. A famous capoeira master in Brazil. He and Luiza had two children named Enzo and Manuela.

Enzo da Silva[edit | edit source]

Enzo da Silva (エンゾ・ダシウバ?)

Manuela da Silva[edit | edit source]

Manuela da Silva (マヌエラ・ダシウバ?)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fabio, along with Sean and Laura, uses as their main colors the same of the Brazilian flag (blue, yellow and green, respectively).
  • The stamp on Brenda's t-shirt reads "Boa Esposa", which means "Good Wife" in brazilian portuguese.
  • In real life, brazilians do not use da before their surname, in examples of family\clans names. The correct in brazilian portuguese would be "Silva Family". The term da Silva is used only in complete names of peoples, like Pedro da Silva, not in a family\clan name.
  • Fabio Matsuda is actually a tribute to Fabio Santana, one of the biggest games collector in his country who worked as editor in some games magazines. He also created the RGB Festival, the largest brazilian Retro Gamming event. Nowadays, Santana is the PR Manager at Capcom for Brazil.

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