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Matthew McCoy (マシュー・マッコイ Mashū Makkoi?) is a member of Delta Red. He is the team's strongman and heavy weapons specialist, being able to lift and carry heavy objects (such using a gatling gun with a single hand). He is a cyborg and has a special weapon equipped in his right arm. He is also an expert chef and is good at painting.

Other media[]

Street Fighter (TV series)[]

McCoy appears in the American 1995 Street Fighter cartoon series under the name of Rory.

Rory's first appearance was in the twelfth season one episode, Chunnel Vision where M. Bison is finally captured by MI5, but his henchmen plot to blow up locations within the United Kingdom and the Channel Tunnel that links Southern England with Northern France.

He later appears in Cammy and the Bachelor where the Street Fighters crash the raiding party in London only to find that one of their own, Cammy had chosen to betray herself and join M. Bison to escape from them.

Rory returns in the episode Cammy Must Die! where Cammy is sent to steal a Kali statue from India and she betrays the team once more after switching allegiances to destroy her psychic boss. His final appearance was in Cammy Tell Me True where Bison dies from his own computer with both Cammy and MI5 rescued following the British intelligence team's capture by M. Bison.