May (メイ Mei?) is a Final Fight character who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 3. She is one of the minor enemy characters the player characters face.



May is a tall, athletic woman with short hair. She wears high heels and a one-piece outfit that leaves her arms, shoulders, and midriff exposed. She also wears two bracers, each of which has a blade attached to it.


May is said to be aggressive and rather violent. She is said to enjoy the sensation of washing off the blood from the fighting and wetwork she engages in.


May is a professional dancer who also doubles as an assassin for the Skull Cross Gang. She in particular prefers the use of knives and a frankensteiner leg throw.

Fighting styleEdit

May is a fast and agile fighter whose dancing skills add to her strengths, and attacks with her bracer blades and kicks. She can evade attacks by doing back flips, and will sometimes try to catch enemies off-guard with a flip kick. She has strong legs due to her daily dance training, to the point that she managed to use the frankensteiner without knowing that it was a professional wrestling technique.


  • Unlike the female enemies from Final Fight and Final Fight 2, May doesn't have a named palette swap.
  • May is the only female enemy from the first three Final Fight games who wasn't replaced by a male enemy in the international version.



May (FF3) Model May (FF3) Animated


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