Meat Squasher

Hugo attempts to grab Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The Meat Squasher (ミートスカッシャー Miito Sukasshaa?) is one of Hugo's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing a full-circle motion and pressing kick, Hugo raises his arms and dashes forward in a manner similar Zangief's Flying Power Bomb, attempting to grab a standing opponent. If successful, Hugo picks them up by the face and runs with them toward the edge of the stage. When he gets there, he lets go just as he performs a body slam, squashing them between his considerable mass and the wall.

Hugo Meat Squasher

Meat Squasher pushing to the corner.

The distance Hugo runs and the startup is determined by the kick button pressed. The light kick version has very little startup time, and runs about twice the length of Hugo's body size. The medium kick version has some more startup time, and covers roughly half of the screen. The heavy kick version has the most startup time, but covers around three fifths of the screen.

The EX Special version has no startup time, covers the entire screen quickly, and makes Hugo invincible during the dash.


The attack is based on a cut-scene from Final Fight in Stage 3: the West Side; Hugo ambushes the player by running up on them from nowhere, grabs them by the face, picks them up and carries them back in the direction he came from for a grudge match with the Andore Family in a wrestling cage.


The attack is difficult to use in high-level play, but it has the unique property of always leaving the opponent in the corner no matter where in the stage Hugo first grabs the opponent. Because of this, the opponent will always be in a difficult position after the move finishes. As the attack is a grab, it cannot be blocked or parried, and he cannot be thrown mid-run.




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