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Mech-Zangief (メカザンギエフ Mekazangiefu?, "Mecha-Zangief"), also referred to as P Mecha Zangie-F (PメカザンギF P Mekazangi F?), is a character originating from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, first appearing in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as a secret fighter. Originally presented as an alternate version of Zangief with a mechanically enhanced body, the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute character database would later re-introduce him as an anti-Zangief weapon created by Shadaloo.


Street Fighter series[]

Mech-Zangief is given a proper introduction to the canon of the main Street Fighter series in supplemental material through way of a profile on the Street Fighter V Shadaloo Combat Research Institute website.

Mech-Zangief is a series of robotic weapons developed by Shadaloo, created specifically to combat Zangief. The initial model, known as "P Mecha Zangie-F" (the "P" standing for "Prototype") was created by modifying a Monitor Cyborg, giving it a steel body and teaching it numerous throwing attacks. Its body is coated with ceramic titanium and was designed to repel any attack.

P Mecha Zangie-F's signature technique is the Vodka Fire, which is produced by utilizing a stream of vodka fuel that runs throughout its body, setting it alight into a high-temperature blue flame. However, due to Shadaloo's information on Zangief's attacks being outdated, the prototype model lacks a "Banishing Energy" ejection port on its palm, leaving it unable to replicate Zangief's Banishing Flat maneuver. Several upgrades were introduced into a later model, known simply as "Mecha Zangie-F".

Under F.A.N.G's direction, Shadaloo is currently developing a third model, known as "Mecha Zangie-F Mrk3"[1]


Marvel vs. Capcom series[]

Mech-Zangief first appears in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as a secret character, appearing as a clone of Zangief, being much slower and lacking the Banishing Flat, which was replaced with Vodka Fire.

In addition to his debut appearance, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes gave Zangief the ability to transform into Mech-Zangief through the Iron Body move, allowing him to stand a chance against much more speedy characters. He keeps this ability in the sequel.

SNK vs. Capcom series[]

In SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS, a Mech-Zangief (named "Metal Zangief" in the US version) card is present. Its description says that Zangief was given a metal body by Shadaloo, and now he's able to swig vodka and spit it out as a fire breath, and can't defend himself. Zangief regrets his new condition, and hopes to get back to normal.

Street Fighter IV series[]

Mech-Zangief appears again in Super Street Fighter IV as an alternate costume for Zangief, with a more robotic look. He also appears in the background of the Cosmic Elevator stage.

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Mech-Zangief makes a cameo appearance in the Cosmic Elevator stage. This is retained when the stage is ported to Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter V series[]

Mech-Zangief appears as an alternate costume for Zangief in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and is obtainable through the game's Extra Battle mode. This version is referred to as Mecha-Zangief Mk 3, which was previously referenced in the prototype Mecha-Zangief's Shadaloo Combat Research Institute entry.[2]

Street Fighter: Duel[]

Mech Zangief appears in Street Fighter: Duel under the name "Steel Zangief".


UDON) comics[]

Mech-Zangief appears in Street Fighter Unlimited #10's backup story, where he and fellow non-canon Street Fighter character Cyber-Akuma battle Ken in the future. It's later revealed that the whole story was actually an unreleased video game (inspired by Street Fighter 2010) being played by Ken's son Mel.

Gameplay and fighting style[]

Mech-Zangief is an even slower version of Zangief who can't block. To compensate, he gains permanent Super Armor, and he takes reduced damage from enemy attacks. He also cannot be knocked down or stunned, taking only a slight slowdown when hit by almost anything. He loses the Banishing Flat, but he can use a Yoga Flame-like attack, the Vodka Fire, and a new Hyper Combo, the Siberian Blizzard. He also explodes when defeated.


  • The "L Ceramical Titanium" that coats P Mecha Zangie-F's body is a reference to the Ceratanium alloy created by Dr. Light from the Mega Man series.
  • Mecha Zangief's slotted,metallic skin and red accents could be seen as a reference to Colossus, a Russian superhero from Marvel comics who often wears a red costume and has metallic, slotted skin.


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