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Mel Masters (メル・マスターズ Meru Masutāzu?) is the son of Ken and Eliza Masters and nephew of Julia (Guile's wife), who first appears "sparring" with his father in Ken's ending in Street Fighter III: New Generation.


Street Fighter IV series[]

In the Street Fighter IV games, Eliza is pregnant with Mel. He is born in Ken's Super Street Fighter IV ending.

Street Fighter V[]

Mel as a toddler appears with his parents in the prologue, the Masters family being invited to a party hosted by Karin. He is passed out most of the time sleeping, but awakens during Ken's fight with Karin.

In A Shadow Falls, Mel meets up with his father Ken who tells him to protect his mother before he went to Brazil with Chun-Li and Cammy.

Street Fighter III series[]

A three year old Mel appears in Ken's ending, where he wishes to follow in his father's footsteps and trains with him. In said ending, he was told to hit his father with all that he's got, but due to his size the highest that he could hit him was in the crotch. [2]

Street Fighter V Side Story: Unexpected Guests[]

During the holiday season, the Master's family go to their winter home in New England.[5] After Ken and Eliza send Mel to bed, Zangief, R. Mika, and Karin arrive to give Mel presents.[6]

Street Fighter 6[]

Now, Mel has been advised by his father to go see the world. However, Mel wants to enjoy the company of his friends and play games instead. He doesn't understand why his father acts this way and somewhat resents him for it. Nevertheless, he still loves his father, worries about his current situation, and believes that he is innocent and not a terrorist.

Days of the Eclipse[]

In Chapter 1, Mel wakes up from a dream and lands at an airport. He, along with a man named Carlton Rogers, meet Luke, who's there to escort Mel, The two head to Nayshall, and Luke tells Mel how the world is getting bigger, however Mel disagrees, thinking that the world is getting smaller and smaller, since it only took one day to reach Nayshall, a tiny new country that has recently established its independence deep in the mountains of Asia, and a place that none of his friends ever heard of. He then corrects Luke that Nigeria is a country in Africa, calling back the conversation Luke had with Carlton, thinking that Nigeria is a country in South America. Later, Mel calls Ken to inform him that he arrived at the airport and confesses that he's tired that his dad doesn't care about what he really wants, which angers Ken. Luke asks Mel if he had to give up other plans because of this, which Mel replies with 'Sort of' saying that it's not really a big deal, and Luke teases him having a girlfriend. Mel stares at his phone and Luke tells him that he won't be able to play the game and catch any monsters in the mountains, but once they get to the city, they can play togheter, but Mel reminds Luke that he has to prepare for the ceremony, and that he doesn't friend newbs. Luke tries to be funny and pretends to be a wolf, to no avail, however Mel tells him that wolves don't usually attack people and that he has seen them up in the mountains of Alaska along with his dad, who was attending some tournament. Luke then gives Mel a piece of fruit and a pocket knife, telling him that if he masters it, he'll be the man on any camping trip.

In Chapter 2, Luke informs Mel that they'll arrive soon. However Mel looks frustrated and only replies with a sigh. When they arrive at the Nayshall martial arts fighting tournament arena, Mel notices that his father wasn't replied to his message, so he tries to call him, however, a group of hacktivists known as Amnesia transmit a message that Ken Masters is associated with terrorist, which shocks Mel. Luke then takes Mel, who's concern that he won't be safe. At the city, Luke is talking to his boss about the current situation, and he orders Luke to return to HQ with Mel. Meanwhile. Mel is listening the video about his dad.

In Chapter 3, Mel shows some concern about his father and tells Luke that he knows that he's innocent, however Luke needs to leave, but tells Mel that he wished that the two could have played the monster game together. Mel also tries to give Luke's knife back, but tells Mel to keep it. Upon leaving the building, Luke receives a notification that Mel has approved the friend request. Mel looks at his phone, however, he's kidnapped by a man wearing the Amnesia mask. Later, JP shows Ken his son, tied up in a chair and blindfolded. Mel tells his father that he knows that he would never do anything bad no matter what, however the transmission gets cut. JP informs Ken that if he detonates the drones with his phone, he'll save Mel, but instead might kill others, and if he doesn't cooperate, the drone under Mel's chair will explode. Ken is able to stop the timer, but looses contact with his son.

In Chapter 4, Mel, who's still tied up in a chair and blindfolded, starts moving and is able to fall out of the chair and notices Luke's pocket knife. He's able to grab it, and escapes. At the arena, Mel is able to find Luke, and tries to talk to him. However, he sees his dad in the ring and Luke ends up fighting him. Mel uses a broken drone and he's able to talk to his dad. After the fight, Mel is disheartened to see his dad being arrested, and thinks that the world that he lost him to is too big for him. Some time later at Ken's office, Mel stares at the window while some employee is moving boxes. The employee tells Mel that they need to lock the room, and the two leave. Mel thinks to himself that wherever his dad is, he can see him.

World Tour[]

After the Avatar becomes Ken's disciple, they was requested to keep an eye on his company and family out of instinct, and rescues Mel from being ganged up by a group of thugs who believe in JP's lies.

Other appearances[]

X-Men vs. Street Fighter[]

Ken is seen playing the game itself on a console with his son in his ending. This was Mel's very first appearance, this also contradicts Ken's story because Mel appears from the same timeline as Street Fighter III while Ken is in his younger Street Fighter Alpha incarnation.

UDON comics[]

Eliza gets pregnant before the second Street Fighter tournament is announced (thus, earlier than in the games' timeline), and she and Ken soon get married. He is then born after the tournament.

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind[]

In the OVA, Eliza has just found out that she's pregnant but hasn't told Ken yet. As she's getting ready to give him such good news, she is captured by C. Viper in order to lure Ryu in for Seth. In the end Ken manages to rescue her in one piece, and she tells him that he's going to be a father.


Street Fighter III series[]

Street Fighter V series[]

Street Fighter 6 series[]



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