This is a list of quotes used by Menat.

Street Fighter V

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Character Selection


  • "Have you considered your destiny? Do you believe in fate?"

Critical Art activation

Round Victory

Round Loss


Versus Mode (Generic)

Versus Mode (Character-Specific)

  • "I read your fortune! Your business is gonna be okay. Be careful not to forget anything though...
  • "It's hard to see the future of you fighters. I guess because you're always fighting against it?
  • "I see a parting from someone important to you in your future. Oh, and financial problems too.
  • "Your future... I can see it. It's becoming clear. You will... continue to... get fatter.
  • "It's not bad to think that you can fight against destiny. But it's also very dangerous...
  • "You're like a bright star, fighting against your destiny! I guess it's kinda poetic?
  • "You will have difficult times ahead... But it's okay! Definitely... Probably... Maybe... I hope?
  • "Hmm. I'm trying to see your future, but all I get is purple smoke. Weird.
  • "
  • "So, don't take this the wrong way, okay? But it seems to me that you're actually very lonely."
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