Message To The People is one of G's unique attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing down twice followed by pressing and holding two kicks. G begins to give a motivational speech to the people of the Earth. As he delivers his speech, he gains Critical Gauge at certain points. If he is able to deliver his full speech, he will gain a full Critical Gauge. It can be interrupted at any point either by releasing the Kick buttons or being attacked.

He has three different variations to the speech depending on which kicks are pressed.


  • "What is it that we fight for? The answer is quite easy to explain. It's undoubtedly something very clear. Our great planet Earth is unique throughout the universe, because we are together as one. The power of all the people on this planet makes us one. When the people come together, there is no one on Earth who can stop us! Power to the people!"
  • "Power for all of the people of the Earth. For all seven billion, four hundred and twenty-seven million, I will be the protective father to everyone, and I will be the loving mother of great care. I'll be your serf because I am all. My voice is your voice. What I fight for is to fight for all of you. That's why your power is within me. The power as president of Earth!"
  • "Now I do hereby declare, to every single person on the planet Earth, from the very bottom of my soul and with the deepest of sincerity that I am firmly resolute in my undertaking. That I will not yield to anyone or anything until I accomplish what I've set out to do. Together, you and I will be one with Earth. I swear, the Earth and its people will become one. Power to the people of Earth!"

Tactics Edit

This move is one of G's post-combo enders. After knocking down his opponent with one of his special attacks, he has the option to cancel the special move into his G Charge or Message to the People. While G Charge increases his Presidentiality level, Message to the People can be used to build meter. Having more bars he has in his Critical Gauge means he can use the EX version of his special attacks that gives G more damage and better frame advantage.




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