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Meteor Combos (メテオ コンボ Meteo Konbo?) are the ultimate attacks of characters in the Street Fighter EX series, introduced in Street Fighter EX plus a.


Meteor Combos can be executed only when the player has all completely filled the Super Combo Gauge. Each character has their own unique attack.

In Street Fighter EX3, Meteor Tag Combos were introduced, since it was a tag-team based game. The Meteor Tag Combos require the same amount of bars as a regular Meteor Combo in order to be executed, but can only be done when certain characters are picked together in a team. However, with the exception of the Zangief/Darun Meteor Combo, the input of the tag team combo itself can only be executed by one character of the team.

These act as a possible precursor for the more contemporary "Ultra Combos" in Street Fighter IV and its revisions.

List of Meteor Combos[]

Character Meteor Combo(s)
Ace Denjin Hadoken: Same as Evil Ryu's Meteor Combo.
Cosmic Final Atomic Buster: Same as Zangief's Meteor Combo.
Nekketsu Hadoken: Same as Sakura's Meteor Combo.
Galaxy: Ace does a combination of attacks. Originally used by Allen Snider in the game Fighting Layer.
Area Final Cancer
Blanka Super Electric Thunder
Chun-Li Kikosho Goku: A more powerful version of the Kikosho that covers 1/3 of the screen.
Jack Home Run King: Jack kicks the opponent, sending them in midair; and the draws a baseball bat, and swings it at the opponent that sends them to the moon. The opponent is bounced from the moon back to Earth.
Darun Gamble of Darun (G.O.D.)
Dhalsim Yoga Inferno
D. Dark Death Trap
Evil Ryu Denjin Hadoken: Evil Ryu launches an unblockable Hadoken that deals large stun damage. The longer the player charges before release, the higher the stun damage.
Shun Goku Satsu: Evil Ryu dashes towards the opponent, grabbing them and executing a deadly multi-hit combo.
Garuda Kyojinsenshu
Guile Sonic Boom Typhoon: Guile sends a giant green tornado at the opponent.
Hayate Orochi Fujin
Hokuto Shirase Gatana: Hokuto draws out a large naginata, and violently slams it at the opponent like a giant sword.
Tenkyou Satsu: Hokuto grabs the opponent, throws him and then stabs him with her flaming hands. Can only be used while on Bloody Hokuto mode.
Kairi Shouki Hatsudou: Kairi unleashes a powerful blast of energy at the opponent. He then collapses on the aftermath of the move, draining half of his health meter.
Kyouja Renbu: Kairi runs towards his opponents and grabs them, and proceeds to deliver multiple blows similar to the Raging Demon. The move ends with Kairi on his knees, holding his head in pain; letting out a frightening roar.
Ken Kuzuryu Reppa: Ken starts with the Shippu Jinraikyaku, a Shoryuken, following with the Shoryureppa, then finishing the opponent with a Shinryuken.
M. Bison Psycho Break Smasher: A more powerful version of the Psycho Crusher.
Knee Press Nightmare: Exclusive to Shin-Bison. It is similar to his Super Combo, except that two illusions appear behind him and do the attack.
Nanase Machiyoi Tenkyuu Geki
Pullum Gradeus Pearl
Ryu Shin Shoryuken: Ryu punches the opponent in the midsection, followed with the uppercut to the chin with another hand, and sends them in midair with a Shoryuken.
Sagat Tiger Storm: Sagat hammers down his opponent with a punch, then performs an uppercut. After that, he knees them with such great force that they are sent up in the air. Finally, Sagat charges up with energy that can be fired from his hands, which also sends the opponent a long distance.
Sakura Nekketsu Hadoken: Sakura releases a large, pink Hadoken that quickly travels across the screen.
Genki Ichiban: Sakura walkes slowly and finger-points her opponent.
Shadowgeist Super Death Energy
Sharon Assault Rifle
Skullomania Super Skullo Energy
Vega Advancing Wire SP
V. Rosso Quattro Panorami
Zangief Cosmic Final Atomic Buster

List of Meteor Tag Combos[]

Characters Meteor Tag Combo
Ryu and Ken Must be done as Ken. Both start attacking the opponent, until Ryu launches them up in the air with a high kick. Then Ryu and Ken do a powerful Shoryuken as the opponent falls.
Ryu and Sakura Must be done as Sakura. Sakura runs towards her opponent and grabs them. She holds the opponent's back as Ryu starts attacking. Both then jump away and release a Shinku Hadoken.
Chun-Li and Guile Must be done as Guile. Both start charging energy and then release a large energy sphere similar to the Kikosho Goku.
Zangief and Darun Can be done as any of the two characters. Zangief/Darun (depending on who initiates the move) holds the opponent, Darun/Zangief punches their back and they slam them to the ground. As the opponent gets up, they do a running clothesline at the same time.
Blanka and Dhalsim Must be done as Blanka. Blanka jumps towards the opponent and starts electrocuting them. Dhalsim then stretches his arms and lands on the other side, doing a Yoga Flame while laying on the ground. Humorously, he also burns Blanka's back, and he starts running around in circles.
M. Bison and Vega Must be done as Bison. Bison does a Head Press to stun the opponent, and he does a Psycho Crusher while Vega attacks with a spinning Sky High Claw.
Hokuto and Nanase Must be done as Nanase. Nanase launches the opponent with her staff, leaving them vulnerable as Hokuto shoots a Kiren'Eki. Nanase attacks with her staff and Hokuto does the same with her naginata, and they do a pose afterwards.
Bloody Hokuto and Kairi Must be done as Hokuto, in Bloody Hokuto mode. Hokuto attacks her opponent and then launches them up in the air, Kairi attacks them while airbone and knocks them down as they land on Hokuto's flaming hands.
Pullum and Darun Must be done as Pullum. Darun launches the opponent with an Indra Bridge and Pullum stars jumping on his belly. Pullum kicks the opponent, Darun catches them, she lands on the opponent's body, Darun throws them and they do a pose afterwards.
Jack and V. Rosso Must be done as Jack. Jack attacks with a Dash Straight and Rosso kicks them upwards. Rosso jumps and slams the opponent to the ground, creating an explosion, as Jack releases a Final Punch.



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