Metro City Thugs, also known as Street Thugs and Hoodlums, are common enemies in Final Fight: Streetwise. They often appear in varying group sizes, such as a small Subway Gang in the Pier District.


Masked thugsEdit

Common thugs with a mask that use basic attacks. They appear in three shapes. Two of them wear white shirts without sleeves, but one of them has grey jeans and a dark mask, and the other one appears with blue jeans a and light mask. The third wears a black shirt and white trousers. Sometimes they appear with a Bat. The actual name these hoodlums like to go by is unprintable, most people refering to them as the "MCT" (Metro City Thugs). Though they mostly hail from Kyle's Hood, they can often be found kicking up trouble in other parts of Metro City.

Names: (also used for muscular Glow Heads with knives)

  • 2 Mean
  • 2 Time
  • 40-ounce
  • Baller
  • Big House
  • Bobby Boom
  • Bulldog
  • C Man
  • Capper
  • Chin Check
  • Crimm NL
  • Freaky Joe
  • Gangster X
  • Grinnz
  • Hard Time
  • Ho Daddy
  • Hot Rod
  • Juice
  • K Boom
  • Kool K
  • L Ektrik
  • P-boy
  • Pop Rox
  • Soldier X
  • The Real Deal
  • Toolman
  • Willie the Man

Thugs with hatsEdit


Common thugs wearing a bucket hat. They appear in four shapes, being one with a dark shirt, one with a dark shirt without sleeves, one with a white shirt, and one a brown shirt. All use basic attacks. The weakest type gives a kick to fallen enemies. Stronger types can do a jump attack or throw knives. Like the thugs with masks, they are found in several parts of Metro City, and the two often appear together.


  • Alejandro
  • Angelito
  • Caliente
  • Canicas
  • Carlos
  • Chuey
  • Cruz
  • Don Juan
  • El Borachito
  • El Chingon
  • El Culero
  • El Fuego
  • El Raton
  • El Rey
  • El Sangron
  • Gerardito
  • Gordo Jr.
  • Hugo
  • Jaimito
  • Jose P.
  • K Daddy
  • Killa Q
  • Marcos
  • Nacho
  • Nails
  • Pedro
  • Pero Bravo
  • Raphael
  • Rock
  • Smokin' Joe
  • Sr. Putasos
  • Tomas
  • Vato Loco
  • Watchmann

The PunxEdit


Kyle and Haggar facing The Punx

The Punx make up one of the more "structured" gangs of Metro City. They are a band of punks that only roam in the Pier District. However, they more resemble a sort of skinheads with primitive mohawk haircut, rather than "classic" punks as we used to imagine them. They always travel in groups, each with its own designated leader, and they are always looking for blood.

The common punks wear a dark gray or khaki jacket or a crimson jacket with a "German" cross on the back. They use basic attacks, and sometimes appear with a Bat. They can also pickup and use knives laying on the floor.

The group leader wears a black jacket with a skull on the back. The leaders won't use weapons, but they are tougher than the underlings. In Pier 15 they do a whistle like Damnd's to call the underlings. The last time they appear they may come with a weapon, but they will not take it back when dropped. They all use the Bat to strangle Kyle, allowing other Punx to attack him.


  • Backwoods
  • Big Boot
  • Bigot Bob
  • Bloodhound
  • Crapboy
  • Jumpin' Jed
  • Knock Knock
  • Lunatic Lars
  • Pisstofferson
  • Semper Die
  • Skullzone
  • Stomper
  • Straps
  • The Hurtmeister
  • Tommy Whack
  • Waffle Iron
  • Walter



A guido

Criminal guidos found only in Little Italy. They wear a black and white shirt and often appear with a Bat or Pistol.


  • Altarboy
  • Bischero
  • Chowderhead
  • Gibralter
  • Greasy P
  • Jersey Kid
  • Kneecap
  • Lucky Vinny
  • Luigi
  • Pain Man
  • Paulie
  • Pigrone
  • Pisello
  • Saputo
  • Scoreggia
  • Spaghetti Boy
  • Stinkie
  • Street Rat
  • Triggerboy


"Skoolgrrlz" are Japanese schoolgirls that only appear in Japantown, causing trouble in the area. Only a few of them appear in the story, but in the arcade mode they are common enemies in the last stage, sometimes appearing alongside their "boyfriends" (the masked and hat thugs). They often appear wielding a Katana.


  • Ayumi
  • Chiaya
  • Eiko
  • Keiko
  • Kiyoko
  • Kumiko
  • Maki
  • Megumi
  • Misa
  • Mitsugi
  • Naomi
  • Sanae
  • Yoshie


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