Gill, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

The Moonsault Knee Drop (ムーンサルトニードロップ, Muunsaruto Nii Doroppu) is one of Gill's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III games.

Street Fighter III series Half circle back+Kick
Street Fighter V Shoryuken motion+Kick



Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Gill jumps straight up in the air and performs a back flip. Upon completing the rotation at the peak of his jump, Gill comes down at a forward-bearing angle, knees-first.


As with most of his special attacks, it hits twice and has very few recovery frames.[1] The attack usually functions as an overhead. Moonsault Knee Drop has to be blocked while standing. Even so, Gill's frame advantage is determined by how high or how low the knees make contact with his opponent. At best, he can be +2 on block, allowing him to continue pressure. Gill can also use Moonsault Knee Drop against other zoning characters. If he gets a good read on his opponent, he can safely leap over their fireballs and punish them on their recovery frames.

Gill dropping the knee on his opponent.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the angle and distance of Gill's dive. The Light version travels the shortest distance and has the shortest angle. The Heavy version covers the most distance and has a steeper angle. However, all three versions have the same startup frames and inflict the same amount of damage.

The EX version requires two kick buttons and cost one bar of Gill's Critical Gauge. While it has the same startup frames as the normal versions, Gill can adjust his angle in midair. This allows him to target his opponent on the ground, regardless of the distance. In some situations, the EX version can be used to escape the corner. Additionally, if the EX Moonsault Knee Drop is performed, the attack gains a hitbox on the ascension. This further pushes the opponent toward the corner and puts them in a juggle state for more combo opportunities and damage potential.






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