The Mujinkyaku (無尽脚?) is one of Karin's special attacks introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3. It is also featured in Street Fighter V.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick

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Mujin Kyaku

Executed by performing a quarter-circle backward motion and pressing kick, Karin performs a quick two-legged split kicks.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines what type of kick(s) that follows up after the initial two kicks.

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LKick No follow-up.
Arcade-Button-MKick Karin perform a short turn hop kick, identical to her overhead .
Arcade-Button-HKick Karin hits the opponent with a roundhouse kick, followed by a spinning thrust kick
Arcade Button 2xKick Prior to the two-legged split kicks, Karin twirls toward her opponent. After the second split kick launches the opponent, Karin follows up with a jumping, spinning thrust kick.


This move primarily serves as both a combo extender and a combo ender. Each version does a decent amount of damage. Mujinkyaku can also be cancelled from most of Karin's normals. Unfortunately, neither version of this move is safe on block. If the opponent blocks Karin's initial kicks, they easily punish her or interrupt the follow-up kicks that were to come out.


Despite that, each version of Mujinkyaku has its uses. The Light version only hits the opponent twice with no follow-up attack afterward. If this move is used against a standing opponent, it will leave Karin +2 on hit. While the Light version doesn't result in a knockdown, this will allow Karin to remain close to her opponent to maintain offensive pressure. Additionally, the Light version of Mujinkyaku is one of Karin's best combo extenders. It is very useful in juggles after Karin launches her opponent with Tenko. Upon juggling her opponent with Light Mujinkyaku, she can follow-up with EX Tenko or EX Ressenha if she's in the corner

The Medium version gives Karin another overhead attack after the initial kicks. However, the overhead does not link with the first two kicks. While this version doesn't lead to a knockdown, Karin can open up the opponent with the third overhead attack. It does slightly more damage, compared to Tsumujigari. If Karin conditions her opponent to constantly block low, she can use Medium Mujinkyaku to surprise them. However, this version is also unsafe on block. In addition, the overhead can be interrupted with a faster normal.

The Heavy version has Karin delivering two more kicks after the initial two kicks. This is one of Karin's best combo ender. Each kick links with one another, giving Karin a 4-hit special attack. Unlike the Light and Medium version, this one results in a knockdown. This allow Karin to dash toward her opponent just as they are recovering, letting her maintain offensive pressure. Unfortunately, this version is -15 on block, making this one of Karin's most unsafe moves.

The EX Version has the most hits and inflicts the most damage. Additionally, it is -2 on block, making it challenging for her opponent to punish. Karin is also lower body invincible near the beginning of this move. She can use EX Mujinkyaku to punish her opponent who are trying to attack low. It is also useful for increasing juggle damage, giving Karin a flashy way to end combos.

Mujinkyaku is one of Karin's most versatile special attacks. Depending one which variation is used, Karin can perform some fascinating combos and inflict a lot of damage at the same time.

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