The Murderer Chain is one of Birdie's special attacks in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

All appearances Full circle + Punch

Description[edit | edit source]

EX Hanging Chain acting as Murder Chain in Street Fighter V.

Executed by pressing a full circle motion for either side and punch, Birdie takes the foe, attaches his chain onto them, and slams them to the ground twice ("Go... to Heaven!"). The move is powerful, but has short range.

The heavy punch version in the original Street Fighter Alpha game takes about 1/5 of the opponent's health bar.

Though it didn't returned in Street Fighter V, the animation of the move has been retooled into an EX version of the Hanging Chain, only with thrown chain instead of hopping grab at the startup.

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SFA3 V-Birdie V-ism Combos

A series of V-ism Custom Combos, with one making use of the Bandit Chain.

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