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"To decide who will enter the Team Battle Royal as Number One, the "Heat Up Scramble" is held! Which team will be titled the strongest?"

Muscle Bomber Duo is a Japanese-only update of Saturday Night Slam Masters, released in 1993. It is notable for being the only game in the Slam Masters trilogy to retain its original Japanese name for the international release.


Instead of single matches like the original game, Muscle Bomber Duo features tag matches. The same character can also now be chosen by more than one player and each wrestler now has two additional special moves: a dual side attack and a vacuum move. In addition, automatic grabs replace the grapple button, performed by simply walking into an opponent. The player can also play the game with three other people, or with a CPU-controlled partner against another team.

Although the players can choose and pick their team as they please, there are five "official" combinations that the game will recognize and give a name to. The official tag teams are as follows:


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