The Muscle Explosion is Zangief's V-Reversal in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Kick x3 (During guard)

Description Edit

Executed by pressing forward and all three kicks after blocking an attack, Zangief put his hands on his hips and stick his chest out, using his muscles to push his opponent back.



Like most V-Reversals, the purpose is to stop opponent's pressure or to get out of tough situations. Zangief's Muscle Explosion is a solid escape option. If the opponent is constantly pressuring, Zangief can use this move to create space and reset the neutral game.

While it does not result in a knockdown, this move leaves him right in range for the Light version of Screw Pile Driver. This may surprise his opponent and put them in a mix-up situation where they have to guess if they should block an attack or escape a command throw. Regardless, Zangief is equipped with the tools to handle most responses. This makes V-reversal a great option for Zangief that puts him in a very favorable position when under pressure.

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