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Nayshall is a fictional developing nation tucked away in a remote corner of Asia. It's one of the main locations within the Street Fighter 6 series.


List of fighters who hail from Nayshall[]


List of fighters who have a connection to Nayshall[]

  • JP (Suval'hal Arena stage in Street Fighter 6)
  • Rashid (Old Town stage in Street Fighter 6)
  • Azam - Non-playable

List of stages set in Nayshall[]


  • Some of the people originating from Nayshall share the same names as characters from Capcom's Action RPG game series, Breath of Fire: Bosch, Yua, Baba/Bunyan, Rasso, Kahn, Una, A-tur, Won-qu, Njomo, Stoll, & Rwolf.[1]
  • Other Nayshall natives are named after gods of the Hindu pantheon. Most notably Rudra, but Kalima and Chandi are likely examples as well.