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"Devour-our-our... (喰らうらうらう…。 Kurau raurau...?)"
—Necalli (Street Fighter V)

Necalli (ネカリ Nekari?, "Battle" [9]) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter V. He is an ancient, mysterious Aztec warrior searching for souls of powerful fighters to devour, and in some cases, the fighters themselves along with their souls.



Necalli has very long black hair which bleeds into dull shades of red. His hair is tied into locks which are held together by gold ringlets. He has yellow eyes and four black streaks on his face. He also has several massive crisscrossing scars covering his chest and arms. Necalli wears only a tattered white kilt adorned with a gold and brown snake patterned loincloth, a golden belt, and brown open-toed boots.

Upon activating his V-Trigger his appearance changes dramatically. His hair bursts loose from its bonds, lengthens, and glows bright red. The scars on both his body and face glow red and flash when certain moves are used. His skin darkens noticeably while the sclera of his eyes turn from white to ghastly black.

Unlike the other characters, Necalli doesn't show a skeleton when he is electrocuted but instead shows an empty black silhouette.

His original appearance (which serves as an alternate costume in-game), before consuming the Warrior Prophet, consists of ancient Aztec armor, headgear and gauntlets. The armor itself is made of leather, with gold accents and cyan colored studs embedded throughout. His skin appears to be made out of stone with cracks running throughout, while his 'blood' resembles lava. The scars that are prominent in his current form are completely absent. His hair color is seaweed green (changes to neon green when V-Trigger is activated). [10]

His second alternate costume has him wearing a black sleeveless shirt with shreds at the center, white pants and black short boots. His skin is pale and his hair remains black. During his V-Trigger, his hair becomes neon purple in color.

His Halloween DLC costume is more of a modern outfit as opposed to other characters who wear traditional Halloween costumes. Necalli has a blue denim vest with a white shirt, blue faded jeans and brown combat boots. His long dreadlocks are tied in a high ponytail and he has a beard as well. In this outfit, Necalli may fight with or without his vest. In V-Trigger mode, his beastly appearance becomes similar to a feral beast and his fur is glowing red.


Early concept art showed that Necalli was originally designed as a Sasquatch-like creature.[11] Necalli's final design was actually one of Akuma's concept designs for Street Fighter V, where Akuma bears a striking resemblance to Necalli but wasn't chosen.[12] This was likely to avoid confusion from fans.

While Necalli's appearance, particularly his appearance in his V-Trigger state, elicits comparisons to various past Street Fighter characters and even characters from a plethora of other media, Necalli's design is actually heavily based on Aztec mythology. Necalli's appearance takes strong visual cues from the Aztec god of the Sun, war and human sacrifice, Huitzilopochtli; more specifically, the interpretations of Huitzilopochtli in modern pop culture. [13]

The long, unrestrained hair are reminiscent of the ceremonial headgear worn by Aztec gods and royalty. [14] The Sun god is often depicted with a snake shaped scepter; the same pattern is found on Necalli's loincloth. His V-Trigger makes him radiate brightly, similar to the Sun. Finally, Necalli's yellow irises are another reference to the Sun. The designs found on his footwear and belt are also rooted in the Aztec culture.

In his win pose, Necalli grabs his victim by their head and seemingly offers them skywards. In Aztec sacrificial rituals, such a display was reserved for Huitzilopochtli.[15] In the Aztec society, the class of a warrior could easily be identified by their dress, symbols and patterns.[16] The pattern found on Necalli's footwear and the color yellow (the color of his loincloth) were reserved for "The Shorn Ones" ('Cuachicqueh'), the single most prestigious warrior class in the Aztec society as evidenced by the Codex Mendoza.[17]

Necalli could also be directly based on the Tzitzimitl, demigod creatures from Aztec mythology. These female demons representing stars would come down from the sky during an eclipse to devour human beings. M. Bison creates an artificial eclipse in the opening of the original Street Fighter V game.


Necalli is misanthropic, sinister, unrelenting, vicious, ominous and feral. He also has a wild personality, somewhat similar to Blanka (when angered), but is much more malicious and unstable. He possesses however a hidden genius. [18] Necalli seems to be attracted to powerful fighters and wishes to devour their souls either for sustenance or to appease his gods due to being their "Emissary". Necalli has a visible stutter when speaking, possibly due to the souls he has devoured. He is also notably shown to be a terse talker, as he is not seen saying many words in The Story Mode and gameplay.

Character relationships[]

Necalli has attempted to devour the soul of many powerful fighters such as Ryu, M. Bison, Charlie Nash, and Dhalsim.

Throughout the UDON comics, Necalli is implied to be in service to the gods, as these supernatural enties have informed him to do their bidding and collect information about special individuals who are involved with the supernatural.



Necalli is described as the 'Emissary of the Gods', with a rather ominous moniker of 'The Soul Consuming Darkness'. As the Warrior Prophet reveals, every few hundred years the stars herald the 'Hour of Battle' ('Hour of Necalli'). During this period of time Necalli awakens to consume the souls of strong warriors.

Street Fighter V[]

Prologue - Prophecy of Old[]

Necalli's character story is narrated by the Warrior Prophet, an Aztec warrior-priest, from a place called "Ancient Altar". The Warrior Prophet monologues the story of Necalli's legend. The Warrior Prophet forsees that during the next 'Hour of Battle', Necalli will consume the souls of Ryu ('The one who agonizes to proceed on his path'), Dhalsim ('The one who serves the God of Fire') and M. Bison ('The one who fills the world with destruction').

During the current 'Hour of Battle', it is revealed that Necalli has come to devour the soul of the Warrior Prophet. The Warrior Prophet takes solace in knowing that only the strongest warriors witness Necalli. After a short battle, the Warrior Prophet is defeated and consumed by Necalli. However, upon consuming the Warrior Prophet, Necalli's appearance changes from his original form to a much more human looking one. The scars and markings on the Warrior Prophet are transferred onto Necalli's person.

In the epilogue, a flash-forward to the next 'Hour of Battle' reveals the prophecy being played out; as Necalli confronts Ryu and Dhalsim. However Necalli's altered form indicates the prophecy might not occur as predicted earlier.

A Shadow Falls[]

In the main story, Necalli is awakened due to Shadaloo's Black Moons blotting out the Sun. At some point he encounters Ryu and Dhalsim at Apprentice Alley in order to devour their souls, much to Mahesh's horror. Necalli manages to overpower Ryu in his transformed state which causes Ryu to lose control and tap into the Satsui no Hado. Before Necalli delivers the finishing blow, Ryu strikes him, only to be stopped by Dhalsim who snaps Ryu back to his normal state. Necalli was revealed to be awakened by one of the Black Moons as seen in Bison's vision. Necalli then vanishes by dissolving into a dark and glowing red dust on the ground, leaving both Ryu and Dhalsim alone. Dhalsim later explains to Ryu about Necalli's origins and knowing their world is now in crisis.

Necalli, displaying the ability to crossover into the metaphysical plane of existence, reappears in Charlie Nash's dream in the form of a sheep before reverting back to his normal state. He then attacks Charlie, attempting to devour his soul. However, a butterfly unexpectedly appears and glows in a blinding white light, awakening Charlie from his nightmare.

Later on, he faces Bison during the first infiltration of his base. Bison manages to get the upper hand. While Necalli is staggering from Bison's attacks, F.A.N.G poisons him for good measure, knocking him out momentarily. Outmatched and outnumbered, Necalli flees the scene via shapeshifting. He also encounters Rashid and Charlie in the Shadaloo base and attempts to devour their souls, he chases them but fails due to them escaping by Karin's helicopter.

He manages to get through the roof of the Kanzuki Estate and see Ryu being there as well, having completed his training. He savagely attacks him but Ryu dodges and Necalli lands on the ground. Necalli transforms into his monstrous state trying to devour Ryu's soul but Ryu manages to dodge his attack. Ryu unleashes the full extent of his powers of the Satsui no Hado and the Power of Nothingness, entering the state of Hado Kakusei. In a desperate attempt, Necalli attacks him and Ryu manages to punch him through the chest resulting in Necalli reverting back to his normal state. Necalli asks himself why he couldn't devour Ryu's soul. Dhalsim arrives and tells Necalli that Ryu's soul will not be devoured, as he no longer struggles with the Satsui no Hado internally. Having failed to devour Ryu, Dhalsim, M. Bison, or Charlie, Necalli finally dissipates into the ground.

Other character story appearances[]

Balrog's character story[]

Necalli makes an appearance in Balrog's character story, crashing the meeting between the boxer and Urien. Urien seemingly recognizes 'the beast' and theorizes it has tracked them down to eat their souls. Urien orders Balrog to deal with Necalli as a way for the former to gauge the latter's strength. Furious at being interrupted in the middle of a hefty payday, Balrog manages to beat 'the mudman'. Defeated, Necalli transforms into clay and disappears from the scene.

Akuma's story[]

Sometime after A Shadow Falls, Necalli encounters Akuma and wants to devour Akuma's soul, as the Satsui no Hado still exists within Akuma. Akuma challenges Necalli to a battle, under the condition if Necalli fails, Akuma will end him and surpass heaven, to which Necalli retorts that Akuma is unworthy. Although Necalli was no match for Akuma, he uses this loss to attempt to devour Akuma, anyway, and succeeds in doing so. While Necalli is laughing in victory, admiring his proud, now-full belly as he does so, Akuma, still alive, escapes Necalli's stomach using the Mudo Tensho, destroying Necalli's body in the process.


Fighting style and abilities[]

Necalli's fighting style, simply referred as "violent style taking advantage of physique",[4] appears to be a mixture of "feral" brawling and wrestling. His attacks include several claw attacks, a dive kick, a ground-slam attack, and various face-slamming grabs. During his Torrent of Power V-Trigger, his attacks change style completely, relying more on brute force and utilizing body slams and charges; he also gains a glowing red aura, and even a completely different Critical Art. The names of his moves are inspired from various aspects of the Aztec culture, but most prominently the Sun and human sacrifice. He also unintentionally releases a powerful miasma where he passes, contaminating the souls of those who touch it.[1]

As seen in A Shadow Falls, Necalli has the ability to transform into various kinds of living things by shapeshifting.


Necalli's gameplay requires the player to have an intimate knowledge of his normals and neutral game. In common gameplay parlance, this is known as footsies. His basic gameplan is fairly straightforward since he doesn't have any gimmicks to rely on. Necalli's offensive pressure is centered around his Valiant Rebellion stomp, since he can cancel into and link out of this move. Once the opponent is conditioned to block, Necalli can mix up his offense with his command grab. Necalli's V-Skill causes enough blockstun and recovers quickly enough for Necalli to jump in while the opponent is trapped in blockstun. Further more, provided he has a charge, the Disc's Guidance can be used to go right through projectiles. Necalli has modest speed, deals heavy damage and doesn't take as much damage in return.

Other appearances[]

Necalli appeared, along with eight other Street Fighter characters, in the rhythm browser game Japan Sumo Cup: Yokozuna vs. Street Fighter.

Necalli appeared as an enemy in Granblue Fantasy during the collaboration event Granblue Fighter V along with F.A.N.G, Karin and Rashid.[19]


Necalli appears in UDON's Street Fighter comic series. He was brought down to earth by a group of gods who tasked him with delivering souls to them for the hour of battle that was foretold. Here, Necalli is said to be a conceptual being who is tied to the aspect of conflict, and cannot be destroyed by normal means as long as there is a universe where conflict exist.






Pop Culture[]

Necalli/Pop Culture


  • Necalli was the first of the four default new fighters confirmed for Street Fighter V. He was first seen teased in Ken Masters' reveal trailer before his appearance was officialy unveiled at EVO 2015.[20]
  • Necalli's Aztec inspiration may hint that he hails from Mexico, though his birthplace has yet to be revealed officially.
  • Necalli is the second supernatural fighter/character (after Gill) in the Street Fighter's canon lore as he is an unknown entity (possibly a demon or dark spirit) and the other characters before him are either humans, superhumans, cyborgs and androids. He is also one of the very few playable characters in the series who is not a human.
  • According to the Shadaloo data screen in the Lair of the Four Kings stage (when knocked to the stage's left corner), Necalli's gender is officially unknown.
  • He, Rolento, Q, Oni, Urien, Juri Han] (in Street Fighter 6), and Marisa all have the distinction of being able to always interact with defeated opponents in the series. Necalli raises his opponent to the sky, holding them by the neck.
    • Necalli is the only one of these to both have a cinematic and have his opponent visible at the end. Barring cinematics, Rolento and Q also have their opponents visible at the end.
    • Necalli is also one of two fighters (Urien being the other) who doesn't show the impending fate of his "victims" (though he would possibly kill them off-screen like Oni to absorb their souls).

Stage Themes[]

See also[]


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