Back Throw

Ibuki's back throw in action. Animated.

The Neck Breaker (首折り Kubi Ori?) is one of Ibuki's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

Street Fighter III series Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch
Street Fighter IV series Arcade Stick HCF + Arcade Button Punch
Street Fighter V series Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Back)



Ibuki grabbing Cammy's head during Kubiori.

Ibuki slides along the ground toward her opponent; if she comes into contact with an opponent who isn't blocking low, she will jump behind them and twist their head. The opponent is sent flying and Ibuki hops to a safe distance. In Ultra Street Fighter IV Ibuki visibly dusts off her clothes after connecting with the EX version and not moving.

The Neck Breaker does not return in Street Fighter V, but the animation for it is now used as Ibuki's backward throw. Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) and pushing backwards near an opponent. Ibuki leaps behind her opponent and wraps both of her hands around their head. She twists her opponent's head, causing her opponent and herself to spin in midair. Ibuki lands smoothly on her feet on the other side of the stage.


Due to its speed and flexible range, the move is great for quickly approaching a retreating opponent, causing confusion, or simply dealing solid damage.

How far the initial slide goes is determined by the punch button pressed; light punch version travels the least while heavy punch version travels the furthest, with medium punch in between.

The EX Special version evades projectiles, travels the whole screen extremely fast, twists the opponent's head three times in quick succession, and has Ibuki jump a much further distance away afterwards. This attack is Armor Break. EX Neck Breaker can be used after an attack to launch the opponent into the air.

Street Fighter IV Edit

SSFIVAE 1 9 2020 10 15 12 AM

Ibuki using Neck Breaker in USFIV.

In the IV series this is Ibuki's optimal ender off a Hit Confirmation. The distance between Ibuki's opponent and herself is considered optimal for her signature vortex. After a successful hit Ibuki can start her intense Cross-up game that can defeat most opponents in 1 knockdown. In Ultra Street Fighter IV Ibuki can bypass the wakeup delay mechanic by timing a jump so if they do not delay Ibuki can use her jumping lightkick to crossup and if they do Ibuki simply uses a light punch Kunai for the same results. This timing also tends to beat most reversals from characters such as Ken, or at least avoid his EX reversals.

Against M. Bison specifically it is recommended to not attempt for LP Kunai mixups once he gets his Psycho Punisher Ultra as it can not only escape Ibuki's vortex but hits Ibuki (nicknamed the "Psycho Abortion") for full unscaled ultra damage. Dee Jay himself is also a 'problem' character as once he gains 1 bar of meter his reversal is optimized to stop Ibuki from her crossup timing and angles.

The EX version is immune to projectiles. It can fullscreen punish most projectiles in the game.

OMEGA Mode. Edit

OMEGA Neckbreaker

Notice Sakura quick rises after Ibuki's attack in OMEGA.

In OMEGA Neckbreaker retains the same initial functionality and combo ability as the regular version in IV. The real difference is that unlike it's previous (and X Tekken) incarnation is that the opponent can actually quick rise the attack. This makes the OMEGA incarnation of the attack almost a predecessor to Ibuki's Back Throw and means Ibuki loses her intense knockdown pressure.

The EX Version arguably uses all it's usage aside from bypassing projectiles. The further distance between Ibuki and her hit opponent means Ibuki can not get much even with her Dash making Yami Shigure a better attack to end hit strings with.

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

Ibuki Neckbreak Xiaoyu

Ibuki using the attack against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

This attack is Ibuki's solo combo ender as it does more damage by itself than her other ender combos. It can be Switch Canceled but the incoming ally can not followup on hit and on block the incoming ally isn't safe and since Ibuki isn't either the opponent could potentially hit both characters at the same time. While the EX version isn't projectile immune anymore both the normal and EX versions are instead Low Profiles. This means that any version can go under some projectiles such as from Ryu and Jin Kazama but not from others such as Guile and Raven. The EX version is not recommended as a combo ender as EX Tsumuji, and EX Kazekiri as well as switch canceling all lead to more damage.

Arguably as a single attack this attack is most useful specifically against Alisa Bosconovitch, as the EX version can discourage Alisa from Zoning and the regular version is useful for low profiling some of Alisa's special attacks and Tekken Chains.

Street Fighter V Edit

Ibuki Back Throw

Ibuki back throwing in SFV.

In Street Fighter V, this move becomes Ibuki's back throw. Since it's now one of Ibuki's throws, this move cannot be blocked; only teched by the opponent. It is primarily used to Side Switch Ibuki out of the corner or to put them back in the corner. It also does more damage and builds more meter than her forward throw, meaning this is a very good action to end the opponent with (usually out of stun) and Ibuki gains notably more meter than her opponent when this attack connects. 

This attack doesn't give Ibuki the same favorable position her forward throw leaves her in relation to her opponent. Ibuki can dash forward but this action doesn't cover the full distance for pressure. Ibuki can predict a backdash with the LP HP incarnation of her Kunai or go for meaty medium kick. It is not recommended for Ibuki to try to catch up with Kasumi Gake for a point blank distance as while Ibuki does cover the distance for point blank contact the attack is much slower than her dash and she will be at negative frame advantage in front of her opponent. 




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