The Neck Spiral (ネックスパイラル Nekkū Supaīraru?) is one of Cammy's throws in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick (Near opponent in the air)


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Cammy spinning Abigail in midair during Neck Spiral.

Executed by pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, (the throw command) while Cammy and her opponent are near each other in the air. When Cammy is in midair, she reaches out and grabs her opponent's neck with one arm. She uses her momentum to swirl around a couple of the times in the air, switching sides in the process. When the spinning stops, Cammy falls to the ground with her hands around her opponent's head. Cammy slams her opponent neck-first into the ground.

This attack replaces her SFIV era air throw "Flying Neck Breaker".

Tactics Edit

Cammy's anti-airs make her a very strong character in the game. She has a lot of tools to nullify jump-ins and to keep the pressure on the ground, such as Cannon Spike and Lift Upper. While not as strong or fast as her other anti-air moves, Cammy's air throw is a great way to get out of the corner, especially when her opponent is about to use a cross-up jump-in attack. If she connects with this throw, Cammy regains positional advantage. By keeping her opponent trapped in the corner, Cammy's offensive game is more dangerous and very difficult to deal with.

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