Neo Shadaloo is an organization headed by Ed, first seen in his character story in Street Fighter V.


  • Ed (founder and leader)
  • A tall man with large, triangular curly hair.


The organization's goals and intents and their ties to the fallen Shadaloo are, according to Falke's character story, to find and help those who were victims of Shadaloo's experiments, and it has been stressed repeatedly in storylines that both Ed and Falke hated Shadaloo due to both being former replacements for M. Bison. As such, the group is considered to be very much against the original Shadaloo and benign in motivation.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned above, the gorilla's visual markings is similar to the Pandora effect but it is seemingly lacking the visual color change of the character. It also doesn't display any similarities to Heihachi Mishima's exclusive effect where he simply turns red (similar to Makoto's Super Combo attack).
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