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An ancient Nguuhao dagger F.A.N.G used to kill his "brothers" and offered to Phantom

The Nguuhao (グーハウ Gūhau?, "cobra" in Thai) is one of the largest cartels in Asia. It is infamous for kidnapping children to train and use them as assassins who wield weaponized poisons. F.A.N.G was a member of the organization before it presumably fell and he joined Shadaloo.


Nguuhao training children

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Nguuhao pretended to make an alliance with Shadaloo, but one month later they attempted to murder M. Bison. Except for F.A.N.G, all members present in the attack were killed. F.A.N.G, impressed with M. Bison's strength, decided to become his loyal follower.


As a rule of the organization, Nguuhao's members cannot expose their true names nor can they reveal the techniques they learn. All members start off by learning the basic use of poisons, before beginning to hone their own personal techniques.[1]


F.A.N.G (Story).jpg

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F.A.N.G is known as the "Fang of Nguuhao", one of their deadliest assassins.

T.A.I.L and T.U.S.K[]

T.A.I.L (right) and T.U.S.K (left)

T.A.I.L and T.U.S.K are Nguuhao lieutenants that were killed by M. Bison.

  • Equipment: Uniform
  • Duties: Assassination
  • Techniques: Dokubenpatsu Jakoryu (毒辮髪邪髪龍?) (T.A.I.L), Dokugiri Funsha (毒霧噴射?) (T.U.S.K)

Nguuhao Soldiers[]

Nguuhao soldier

  • Equipment: Uniform, laptop
  • Duties: Info gathering, market research, various negotiations
  • Techniques: Dokujakyaku (毒蛇脚? lit. "Poison Snake Leg")