The Weasel

Nicky "The Weasel" Wissell is a villain featured in the game Final Fight: Streetwise. The Weasel is a sneaky, twitchy, selfish, annoying and superficial small man who would say anything to get what he wants. He has wild delusions of someday achieving big-time criminal status. He holds a certain degree of authority over his rag-tag gang of Blue Ballers, though no one's quite certain how. It is rumored it's just due to his far-reaching connections in the porn industry.

During the events of the game, Kyle discovers that Weasel is connected with Devin Aranoc, and goes after him in his porn theater to find where Stiff and Cody are. After forcing him to talk, the Weasel says that the Stiff is in the warehouse of the Blue Ballers. However, it is a trap hastly setup by the Weasel, where he orders his Blue Ballers to take care of Kyle. Kyle manages to defeat his men, and Weasel uses a modified forklift with spikes on its front to take care of Kyle, being the first boss of the game, with 1500 HP. This also fails, and Kyle manages to make the Weasel tell the truth to him.

Later, Guy tells Kyle that the Weasel apparently using trucks from his porn business to distribute the glow drug and make profit with it. Kyle goes after the Weasel again, and annoyed, sends his men after Kyle again. Despite being more aggressive, his men are defeated again and Kyle forces Weasel to reveal the source of the glow, finding that its factory is in the Pier District.

Later, Weasel was mutated into War, one of Father Bella's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, having a final fight against Kyle in the graveyard of the Little Italy church. As War, he stays out of Kyle's reach, attacking with a machine gun and grenades from the center of the cemetery. He has 6000 HP and can only be harmed with long range weapons, dying in the end of the battle.


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