"Scream in pain! Nightmare Booster! This place shall become your grave!
(泣き叫べ! ナイトメアブースター! ここが貴様の墓場だぁ! Nakisakebe! Naitomea Buusutaa! Koko ga kisama no hakabadaa!?)
M. Bison

The Nightmare Booster (ナイトメアブースター Naitomea Buusutaa?) is M. Bison's first Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV. As its name implies, it is a more powerful version of the Knee Press Nightmare.

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick RightArcade Stick LR + Arcade Button Kick x3
M. Bison 492


Bison U1 Rose

Bison delivers his Ultra to Rose.

Executed by charging backward then moving forward, backward, forward and pressing all 3 kick buttons, Bison makes his traditional "You're done!" throat-slicing gesture, and then proceeds perform two Double Knee Presses while shouting the Ultra Combo's name. He follows with a Psycho Crusher that, if it lands, drives both him and the opponent straight into the air.

At the peak of the flight, Bison applies a Somersault Skull Diver that launches himself up while propelling the opponent downwards to the ground, then performs a very hard Head Press onto the fallen opponent's body.




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