The Nikyoushu is one of F.A.N.G's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier AirArcade Button Punch x3

Description Edit


Executed by pressing all three punch buttons while airborne, F.A.N.G flies across the stage; descending briefly, before ascending.

Tactics Edit

This move can only be used during any type of jump. In addition, Nikyoushu doesn't have any sort of height restrictions. F.A.N.G can use this move towards the start of his jump, or at its peak. During Nikyoushu, F.A.N.G remains airborne throughout the entire move. However, performing an airborne attack causes him to descend back to the ground. 

Despite its appearance, Nikyoushu is an great tool for offense and defense. It is an effective way to get out of the corner. With this added mobility, F.A.N.G can escape any tough situations his opponent puts him in. He can also use this move after jumping over his opponent. When he lands on the ground, F.A.N.G is at a distance where he can zone out his opponent with his projectiles.

With the addition of this new move, F.A.N.G’s ability to confuse and bewilder his opponent during footsies increases. Most of these setups are created by using EX Ryobenda to end combos. By using Nikyoushu to approach to his opponent and immediately following-up with an airborne attack to get him back on the ground, F.A.N.G can keep his opponent on their heels by mixing up meaty attacks and throws. It also creates ambiguous crossups with his Jumping Heavy Kick, forcing them to guess which side to block.


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