The Nishikyu (二死球 Double Deadly Bulbs) is one of F.A.N.G 's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick CDU+Arcade Button Punch


Executed by charging downward then pressing upward and punch, F.A.N.G tosses two poison fireballs in the air. As the projectiles travel across the screen, they descend down toward his opponent.


F.A.N.G's poison projectiles are one of the most unique in the game. The speed, distance, as well as the angle of the fireball, is determined by the punch button. The Light version has the closest range, almost right in front of F.A.N.G. The Medium version goes about mid-screen, while the Heavy version travels fullscreen.

The EX version is also unique in its angle. Like the other versions, it shoots two fireballs. However, only one is in the air as the second one shoots to the floor and bounces up towards the opponent. This gives F.A.N.G control on both the ground and in the air. Plus, it gives Fang time to move forward and combo after it hits.

When both fireballs hit, they do a combined total of 40 damage. While the damage output of this move is minimal, it puts the opponent in a poisoned state. They will slowly lose life until the poison runs out or unless F.A.N.G is hit.

All three versions of Nishikyu can all be cancelled into the EX Nikankyaku. The EX version can be cancelled into any version of the slides. This gives F.A.N.G more mobility when he is zoning out his opponent. In addition, he can set up some very tricky mix-ups situations. After tossing the fireballs, F.A.N.G can slide past the opponent's backside just as the projectiles drop down on them. This puts them in a situation where they are forced to guess which direction to block.

While this move allows F.A.N.G to control the air, it is not an efficient anti-air move. Because the startup of this move is slow, F.A.N.G may not have as much time to react to his opponent's jump-ins or throw the fireballs before they start their attack.


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