Noembelu (ノウェンベル Nowenberu?, "November") is a minor character in the Street Fighter series. She is a Native American girl who is a member of the Dolls, a group of young female assassins brainwashed by Shadaloo to work as M. Bison's elite guard. She has the greatest physical strength among the Dolls, and specializes in fighting with twin hatchets. She is named after the month November.



Noembelu is similar to Juli albeit with a rather less busty figure. By Street Fighter V, Noembelu is drawn curvier than Juli, while they're much more distinguishable otherwise. She loves to wear a headband, and is always accompanied by her axe. In her alternative outfit, she wears a brightly colored poncho over her shoulders.


Noembelu is a calm person that rarely speaks, even with the other Dolls, and prefers to work in silence. She is calm even when rotating her hatchets in a fight. She is also very sensitive to smells.


Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Noembelu has a brief appearance with the other Dolls.

Super Street Fighter IV OVAEdit

The Dolls, including Noembelu, are captured by Juri and S.I.N..

Street Fighter VEdit

A Shadow FallsEdit

Noembelu barely makes an appearence during the story. She appear in Karin's estate to rescue Aprile who failed to rescue Marz. Both were under Birdie's guard, but Noembelu manages to take him down. She then explains to them that Enero is angry that they were caught. Noembelu is seen again near the end, along with the rest of the dolls, once they were no longer under the influence of Psycho Power.

Other appearancesEdit

UDON comicsEdit

In the UDON comics, Noembelu's name was originally "Little Eagle", and she is a member of the Thunderfoot Tribe whose family is close to T. Hawk. After being kidnapped by Shadaloo, she is sought after by T. Hawk, along with Juli.

Noembelu, along with nine other dolls (not including Juni and Juli) fight Cammy, T. Hawk and Rose somewhere in Mexico. When about to attack T. Hawk, Rose releases her from mind control, and she becomes Little Eagle again. She appears again in the last issue along with T. Hawk and Julia (Juli) as they set out to rebuild their village.


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