OTB is one of Balrog's unique attacks in Street Fighter V.

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Executed by pressing Medium Kick, Medium Punch, followed by Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Balrog hits his opponent with a body punch, followed by an uppercut. After the second hit, Balrog covers up and bobs from side-to-side several times until his upper body burst with steam, enhancing his next Dash Straight.


This can only be performed if Balrog is equipped with his second V-Skill. is one of Balrog's target combos that leads to a knockdown. If the second attack connects with his opponent, it launches them in the air, giving Balrog time to perform his install-type V-Skill. Even if the opponent quick rises, Balrog maintains frame advantage if he dashes toward his opponent. With an amplified Dash Straight in his arsenal, Balrog becomes more of a threat in the neutral. He can easily buffer into his special attack, whiff punish from a distance, or to use the enhanced Dash Straight with Light hit-confirm combos.

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