The Oga (徨牙 Ouga?, "Wandering Fang") is one of Gen's special attacks in his Crane style, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

All appearances Arcade Stick CDU + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by charging down and then pressing up and kick, Gen jumps away from the opponent and kicks off of the "wall" of the screen. What happens next depends on what direction is held at this point:

  • If nothing is held, Gen performs a flying kick downwards, travelling a certain distance;
  • If Arcade Stick Left is held, Gen drops from the "wall" harmlessly, landing on his feet;
  • If Arcade Stick Right is held, Gen performs a flying kick aimed towards the opponent, covering a much larger distance;
  • If Arcade-Stick-Up is held, Gen kicks off of the "wall" towards the "ceiling" directly above the opponent and again the player must make a choice:
    • If nothing is held, Gen harmlessly flies over the opponent to the far side;
    • If Arcade-Stick-Down is held, Gen does a vertically descending kick onto the opponent;
    • If Arcade-Stick-DL or Arcade Stick DR is held, Gen does a diagonal kick in that direction (either in front of or behind his opponent).

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV moves faster and gives him immunity to projectiles and throws on startup.


This move functions as a great cross-up tool, and can also be used to escape corners and mount a counterattack or surprise opponents attempting to dodge. However, like most of Gen's arsenal, the move takes a lot of practice to master, since it can be easily punished if predicted; this requires the player to be adept at create guessing games.





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