The Oil Shower (オイルシャワー Oiru Shawaa?) is one of Hakan's special attacks.

All appearances Shoryuken motion + Kick

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by pressing forward, down, down-forward and kick, Hakan gets out two bottles of his famous cooking oil and douses himself with them. His entire body will gain an oily luster for a period of time. The move is central to Hakan's fighting style: while "oiled up", his defense is increased, and his command grab attacks have a greater reach and inflict more damage. He will also be able to slide during his Focus Attack, and can instantly cancel his forward dash into normal attacks, as well as take less damage.

How long the move takes to execute and how long he stays "oiled up" afterwards are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick executes the quickest but gives the least amount of time "oiled up", heavy kick allows Hakan to stay oiled up the longest but also takes the longest to execute, and medium kick is somewhere in between. The EX Special version renders Hakan immune to projectiles while oiling up, and bestows the most time afterward.

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