The Oil Slide (オイルスライヂング Oiru Suraidingu?) is one of Hakan's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Quarter circle forward + Punch
Follow-Up Punch/Kick

Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Hakan dives at the ground and slides on his belly toward the opponent to knock them over. If successful, the player can choose between two follow-ups. Pressing punch during the attack performs a Body Press (ボディープレス Bodī Puresu?); Hakan continues sliding past the opponent and quickly stands up as he turns around, and then bodyslams the grounded foe. Pressing kick during the attack will have him end the slide with an Oil Shower.

The 2nd stage of the attack, Hakan delivers a Pansaso to his downed opponent.

How far he slides and how much damage the initial knockdown does is determined by the punch button pressed first; light punch does the least damage and slides the least distance, heavy punch does the most damage and slides the most distance, and medium punch is somewhere in between. There is also an EX Special version which slides about as far as the light punch version, but does slightly more damage than the heavy punch version.

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