Okakyaku (桜華脚 Ōkakyaku?) is one of Sakura's special attacks, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV. It is also part of her V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick during a forward jump, Sakura performs a air heavy kick against the opponent. The EX version performs a diagonal air heavy kick and then a air heavy kick. The EX version hits twice and can be done at any jump.

Tactics Edit

This versatile tool not only lets Sakura change her jump arc, but also gives her another option for disrupting the opponent’s footsie game. This move has a lot of startup frames, making it pretty slow. The EX version hits twice. With no height restriction, it’s a good move to use to create openings and secure the round.

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