The Opening Dagger is one of Necalli's unique attacks, appearing in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick DR+Arcade-Button-HPunch
(Changes when holding button)


Executed by pressing down-forward and Heavy Punch, Necalli hops a short distance and performs an overhead slash on the opponent. It is similar to the universal overheads found in the Street Fighter III series.



Necalli's overhead attack is best used in mix-ups. It can also be used as a 'wake-up call' against opponents who block excessively in a crouching position. As an overhead attack, the main purpose is to break through the defenses of an opponent who insists on crouch guarding (as the attack must be blocked from a standing position). The draw back causes considerable delay, and this attack can easily be countered by an aggressive opponent by hitting her beforehand.

While this move cannot cancel into other attacks, this is a good way to open up the opponents. By pressuring the opponent with low, quick attacks to get them on their heels, Necalli can use Opening Dagger to get through their defenses. It also functions as a Crush Counter attack. If Necalli scores a Crush Counter hit with this move, he can dash forward to extend his combos for some good damage. The Opening Dagger does decent damage and has excellent range.

When Necalli has his V-Trigger active, Opening Dagger inflicts more damage and stun. Heavy Punch can also be held while in V-Trigger to change the properties of his overhead. While it has a longer startup, it deals more damage and gives Necalli frame advantage. While the uncharged version has Necalli -7 on block, the fully charged version puts him at +2, giving him an opportunity to put them in a mix-up situation. If the fully charged overhead is blocked, it puts Necalli in range to either go for a throw, continue pressure with one of his stronger normals, or go for a command grab.



'Opening Dagger' is a reference to the Tecpatl, a ceremonial knife used by Aztec priests in sacrificial rituals. Human sacrifice played a paramount role in the Aztec society to a point where it was believed the Sun requires human blood to rise everyday.

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