An Option Select is an advanced tactic in the Street Fighter series.

Description Edit

Ibuki OS Xiaoyu Reversal

An example of an Option Select. Ibuki's Neck Breaker Low Profiles Ling Xiaoyu's reversal. See the gallery for the other scenarios.

An Option Select is a tactic where you take advantage of the inner mechanics of the games to use as many options against the opponent as possible. This gives you the advantage of being able to punish otherwise good escape or reversal options.

How it works Edit

Street Fighter games have a property called "Screen Freeze" whenever an attack is blocked or it connects successfully. Taking advantage of this, doing Inputs at a timing an attack would connect would make the game do one of two things. Other option selects work by Buffering, taking advantage of how attacks can be canceled.

  1. If the attack hits the screen freeze would make the input invalid (see the gallery, Ibuki's Neck Breaker does not come out when her attack is blocked (or if it hits).
  2. The buffered attack that would be masked under the screen freeze comes out do to the game not pausing for a second. This is commonly done if the opponent does an action with any sort of invincibility.

Tactics Edit

Option Selects are a great option as they can prevent opponents from escaping or punishing in scenarios where OS's are not used. It has to be stated that care has to be taken into what attack is canceled into, Option Selecting into a sweep will still lose to reversals.

While Option Selects are commonly done off a Safe Jump, they can be grounded too. Some Target Combos such as Ibuki's Target Combo 6 can use the inputs to act differently whether the opponent does an invincible action or not.

Probably the most famous option select is known as a Crouch Tech. The act of holding down while pushing LP LK at the same time. This action makes the character use their crouching LK instead of do their throw whiff animation while teching a throw attempt from the opponent assuming they attempt to throw.


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