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OverClocked ReMix (often abbreviated as OC ReMix) is a fan-based community founded in 1999 dedicated to the preservation of video game music as an art form. User-made works (dubbed "ReMixes") ranging from arrangements to reinterpretations can be submitted to the site, the finest of which are hand-picked by site staff to become part of the site's library and available for free download to the public. In more recent years, theme albums for major titles or franchises have also been produced, among which is Blood on the Asphalt (an arrange album for Super Street Fighter II Turbo), released on May 29, 2006.

OC ReMix was later commissioned by Capcom associate producer Rey Jimenez to re-envision the work on their album for a full-fledged re-make of Super Street Fighter II Turbo developed by Backbone Entertainment. OC ReMix founder David "djpretzel" Lloyd served as an intermediary, overseeing a full 66-track collection (11 of which originate from Blood on the Asphalt, albeit edited to better suit the context of gameplay) with the community. Together with UDON Entertainment, their efforts for a Street Fighter game made by fans, for fans, were realized in late November 2008 with the release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Track list[]

(* denotes tracks from Blood on the Asphalt, bolded tracks denote tracks reused in Ultra Street Fighter II)

  1. Rock the Asphalt (Opening Demo)*
  2. Clamato Fever (Menu)
  3. The Select Few (Character Select)
  4. Stand-up Game (VS: Open Beta)
  5. Fisticuffs (VS)
  6. Reinterpretation (Ryu Stage)
  7. Reinterpretation HD (Ryu Stage: Heavy Damage)
  8. Nomadic (Ryu Ending)
  9. Made in U.S.A. (Ken Stage)*
  10. Made in U.S.A. HD (Ken Stage: Heavy Damage)
  11. Commitment Shodan (Ken Ending 1)
  12. Wedding March (Ken Ending 2)
  13. Dosu-Koi (E. Honda Stage)
  14. Dosu-Koi HD (E. Honda Stage: Heavy Damage)
  15. Fight and Feast (E. Honda Ending)
  16. Street Market (Chun-Li Stage)
  17. Street Market HD (Chun-Li Stage: Heavy Damage)
  18. So Am I Reveng'd (Chun-Li Ending 1)
  19. Single Ladies, Clap Your Hands (Chun-Li Ending 2)
  20. Long Leg of the Law (Chun-Li Ending 3)
  21. Docks Day (Blanka Stage)
  22. Docks Day HD (Blanka Stage: Heavy Damage)
  23. Long Lost (Blanka Ending)
  24. Red Cyclone (Zangief Stage)
  25. Red Cyclone HD (Zangief Stage: Heavy Damage)
  26. Viktory Tastes You (Zangief Ending)
  27. Combat and Service (Guile Stage)
  28. Combat and Service HD (Guile Stage: Heavy Damage)
  29. Blood on the Asphalt (Guile Ending)*
  30. Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalsim Stage)*
  31. Reaching for Nirudha HD (Dhalsim Stage: Heavy Damage)
  32. Home at Last (Dhalsim Ending)*
  33. MMA Selector (Options)
  34. New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage)*
  35. New Mexican Thunderbird HD (T. Hawk Stage: Heavy Damage)
  36. Brand New Mexico (T. Hawk Ending)
  37. Flying Heaven (Fei Long Stage)*
  38. Flying Heaven HD (Fei Long Stage: Heavy Damage)
  39. The Dragon, The Hero (Fei Long Ending)
  40. Thank You, Dee Jay (Dee Jay Stage)*
  41. Thank You, Dee Jay HD (Dee Jay Stage: Heavy Damage)
  42. Hot Club Joint (Dee Jay Ending)
  43. Army Girl (Cammy Stage)*
  44. Army Girl HD (Cammy Stage: Heavy Damage)
  45. PTSD (Cammy Ending)
  46. Ready for the Next Sucka (Match End)
  47. Just One More... (Continue)
  48. New Blood (Here Comes a New Challenger)
  49. Sexy Trunks (Balrog Stage)
  50. Sexy Trunks HD (Balrog Stage: Heavy Damage)
  51. How I'm Livin' (Balrog Ending)
  52. Spittin' Narcissism (Vega Stage)*
  53. Spittin' Narcissism HD (Vega Stage: Heavy Damage)
  54. The Beauteous (Vega Ending)
  55. Sagat's Moonbike (Sagat Stage)
  56. Sagat's Moonbike HD (Sagat Stage: Heavy Damage)
  57. Hollow Glory (Sagat Ending)
  58. Tribute to the Master (M. Bison Stage)*
  59. Tribute to the Master HD (M. Bison Stage: Heavy Damage)
  60. Call Him Dictator (M. Bison Ending)
  61. Mountain Breaker (Akuma Stage)
  62. Mountain Breaker HD (Akuma Stage: Heavy Damage)
  63. Killing Machine (Akuma Ending)
  64. The World Warriors (Credits)
  65. See Ya! (Game Over)
  66. Grand Masters (Ranking Display)


Jivemaster (01)
AE & Prozax (02)
Palpable (03)
Malcos (04, 06-07, 30-33, 46-47, 58-59, 65-66)
AE (05, 16-17, 21-22, 61-62)
José the Bronx Rican (08, 11-12, 15, 18-20, 23, 26, 36, 39-42, 45, 51-54, 57, 60)
Sixto Sounds (09-10)
djpretzel (13-14)
The Grammar Club [Adam Ruttan, DJ Snyder, Glenn Case, Shael Riley] (24-25)
Big Giant Circles & Justin R. Coleman (27-28)
Shael Riley (29)
Vurez (34-35)
zircon (37-38)
Malcos & Red Tailed Fox (43-44)
Another Soundscape (48, 64)
Neostorm (49-50)
Mazedude (55-56)
McVaffe (63)


Since HD Remix, OC ReMix has worked both directly and indirectly with Capcom.

On October 29, 2013, OC ReMix issued For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man, their first commercial release in collaboration with Capcom. "Searing Scissors", the first track off this album, was later repurposed for the announcement trailer for 2015's Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Some of OC ReMix's work on HD Remix was similarly repurposed for 2017's Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. When "New Style" sound is chosen, the Game Over and Staff Roll themes are recycled from HD Remix rather than being remade along with the majority of the soundtrack for this release. Additionally, as with UDON's ending artwork, the OC ReMix-produced tracks will accompany the endings of the pre-existing 17 characters regardless of which sound option is selected.

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