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Overchain is Alex's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick

Description[edit | edit source]

Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Alex briefly squats down and stretches to give him the ability to cancel one of his special moves into another one.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

This move has a total of 50 frames. Alex cannot cancel Overchain from any of his normals or special moves. Once the entire animation of his V-Skill is finished, he can cancel his special moves into a different one. For example, Alex cannot cancel his Flash Chop into a second Flash Chop. However, any of his charged special moves, such as Slash Elbow and Air Knee Smash, doesn't require a charge to perform. This power up gives Alex more combo and damage potential, as well as good okizeme. His special moves can also combo into each other, even on block. This makes certain unsafe special attacks safer to use. While ending combos with Flash Chop has Alex at least -4, by canceling into Light Slash Elbow puts him at -2 instead.

The most optimal time to use this move is right after the opponent is stunned or when they are spaced apart. Alex does not gain V-Meter while performing his second V-Skill. However, when he cancels special moves into another, he builds a respectable amount, depending if the attacks hit the opponent or if blocked. Only Alex's Power Bomb and Head Crush are excluded from his cancellable special moves. Alex loses the buff if he is either knocked down by an opponent or if a cancellable special move makes contact, regardless if he performs the second move.

He can also use the EX version of his special moves as a way to end the chained combos. If Alex uses an EX special attack, he must cancel into another EX special move for the chain to work. This requires him to sacrifice two bars of meter. While this may be expensive during some match-ups, some combos make it very useful. One prime example is canceling EX Slash Elbow into EX Flash Chop for a true blockstring.

Alex's first V-Skill makes his next hit a counterhit, giving him incredible damage off a single hit, particularly on his Crush Counter normals. However, Overchain gives Alex more control over exploiting openings. Though getting knocked down removes this buff, Alex overall can maintain the V-Skill for longer since it does not go away on blocked normals, making his pressure more dangerous through safe blockstrings and powerful confirms.

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