SFXT Pandora's Box Select

Pandora's Box is a stage that appears in Street Fighter X Tekken. In is the place where Pandora was found, in Antarctica.

In the first round the box emits a light and is protect by fences. Two mammoths fight near Pandora's box, and three Jacks slowly approach the box. The place also has a broken vehicle and dinosaurs buried in the snow. In the end of the round the mammoths fall and aren't seen again.

In the second round the box unleashes its power, creating a giant energy circle in the sky and spreading bright lines in the ground. Its power breaks the fence around it and causes its remains, the Jacks, and the vehicle to fly around the box. The lines spread to the dinosaurs, which revive and start moving, apparently trying to escape from the snow.

In the end of the battle the lines on the ground disappear, causing the dinosaurs to stop moving, the objects around the box stop spinning and go out of sight, and the circle on the sky vanishes.



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