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This is about the gameplay element. For the object see here.

Pandora is a gameplay element in Street Fighter X Tekken.


Rolento activating Pandora to give to his partner Ibuki.

Pandora is activated by pressing down twice and pushing MK and MP at the same time, the same input as tagging, while the character's health is flashing. The current character is eliminated from battle, and the partner character is put into battle alone for a set time. The character in the receiving end gets these benefits.

  1. The character that gets sent out receives the remaining HP from the character they received Pandora from. It has to be noted that it is from their remaining percent not number. (An example would be that Ibuki has 900 HP while Rolento has 930, so if Ibuki has 10% health left she would give him the remaining 10% of a health bar's worth to him, not 10% of her 900 HP.)
  2. The receiving character can not tag to the sacrificed character anymore.
  3. The receiving character gets a one time refil to their Super Gauge regardless of how much was available before activation, if there was no meter it would be filled to 100% and if the super meter was already filled there is no change to it in this regard. It has to be noted that Pandora does not give infinite meter, just a one time fill up.
  4. The receiving character receives a 13 to 15% attack boost. For example Ibuki's Yoroitoshi normally does 300 damage but with a pandora boost it goes up to 340.
  5. The recieving character has a set amount of time to try and finish the fight before their individual timer runs out. If the battle time finishes it still counts as a loss for the Pandora user.

It is worth noting that unlike Tag Cancels, Pandora does not reset the juggle counter, it also does not reset Damage Scaling. This means the player has to manual keep track of both what hits and how many hits they have done before activating the Pandora mechanic or else risk not being able to finish the match.


Pandora's visual effects on a character

Pandora is a great way to finish a match and it is Street Fighter X Tekken's "Comeback Mechanic". Characters like Hugo and Jack X tend to be great recipients of Pandora as their already great damage is amplified even more. There are different ways to set up Pandora, some of which include; Ground Bounces, Stumbles, and Jump Cancels.

It is recommended that the character who is going to be sacrificed for Pandora uses a little jabs as possible while setting up. Jabs tend to add up to scaling and end up making combos do less damage overall. Cross Rush tends to not work well with characters who receive Pandora due to lowered damage output and is recommended to avoid usage when trying to finish off the opponent.


  • Ibuki's line "I can't control it" when receiving Pandora is a reference to Phoenix in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 after she gets KO'd while having LV 5 super bar and transforming to Dark Phoenix. In both situations both characters get a "powered up" state.
  • Heihachi Mishima has a unique Pandora animation where he simply tosses his partner away and instead of recieving a Pandora boost, he instead turns all red (similar to Makoto during one of her moves). This is purely aesthetic however, as he receives every bonus everyone else in the cast acquires..