Parasites (パラサイト Parasaito?) are an armored insectoid species from Street Fighter 2010.


Parasites are aggressive and have a carapace harder than ceramic. They can assimilate a host to control it, also greatly increasing its power. In order to stop those powerful parasites, the Galaxy Police sends the cyborg Kevin Straker to destroy them.

In the English version, Parasites were changed into Cyboplasm, a substance discovered by 'Ken' and Troy. When properly administered, Cyboplasm could make a person several times stronger than normal, helping to keep people alive in other planets. But in large doses, it comes alive and takes over the body and mind of its host, turning them into violent, mindless super beings. One day, Troy was killed and the Cyboplasm formula was stolen, being misused and spreading chaos in several planets.

List of ParasitesEdit

Arlodima Edit

Arlodima (アルロジマ Arurojima?), named Crustac in the English manual, is a Parasite resembling an armadillo. It rolls up into a ball and rushes forward in order to attack.

Androboy Edit

Androboy (アンドロボーイ Andorobōi?) is a robot that throws large metal crates to attack. Though grouped with the other Parasites, the Japanese manual explicitly states that Androboy is simply a regular android that acts as a bounty hunter for money, and is not actually assimilated by a Parasite.

Apple Rabbit Edit

Apple Rabbit (アップルラビット Appuru Rabitto?), named Hunter Drone in the English manual, is a mechanical drone used to monitor Kevin. It flies freely through the air.


Bakkomu (バッコム Bakkomu?), named Death Eye in the English manual, is a brain-like enemy resembling a Jellyfish that moves as if swimming in the air.

Balloon Locker Edit

Balloon Locker (バルーンロッカー Barūn Rokkā?) is a failed Parasite resembling a jellyfish. When something rides on top of it, it inflates and bursts.


Brian (ブライアン Buraian?), named Basher in the English manual, is an android Parasite with an iron ball in one arm. It can use the iron ball to attack and swing around by bashing it on the ceiling.

Dead Rose Edit

Dead Rose (デッドローゼ Deddo Rōzu?) is a plant-like Parasite that grows indefinitely, even while being hit. It shakes when the player approaches it.

Electric TommyEdit

Electric Tommy (エレクトリック・トミー Erekutorikku Tomī?) is a cyborg Parasite able to generate electricity from one arm. After discharging electricity, it is unable to move for a while, leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

Flower HeadEdit

Flower Head (フラワーヘッド Furawā Heddo?) is an independent Parasite with a vegetable head that uses plant cells to form a body. It attacks by using its arms like whips and spitting seeds.

Froggel Edit

Froggel (フロッゲル Furoggeru?) is an amphibious Parasite described as having top-notch jumping abilities. It attacks using its long tongue.

Gangorowa Edit

Gangorowa (ガンゴロワ Gangorowa?) is a self-supporting Parasite that takes the form of the "Elephant of God". Its main behavior is blocking Kevin's path.


Mummy (マミー Mamī?) is a Parasite that appears to be wrapped in bandages. The bandages themselves are the actual Parasite, while the body is an alien creature. It can teleport and attacks with pillars of flames, setting one below itself followed by other pillars forward.


Nidosandman (ニドサンドマン Nidosandoman?), named Slagma in the English manual, is an independent Parasite with a head made of bones. It uses sand to form a body and is able to spit Sandworms.

Nisube Edit

Nisube (ニスベ Nisube?) is a large aquatic wormlike creature. It has sharp fangs, and emerges from the water to attack.

Pata-Pata Edit

Pata-Pata (パタパタ Patapata?) is a plant-type Parasite that floats in the air. Kevin can get on top of it and attack the Parasite while riding on it.

Pump Shot Edit

Pump Shot (ポンプショット Panpu Shotto?) is an stationary aquatic Parasite. It spits out creatures known as Carbonite Sardines (カーボナイトイワシ Kābonaito Iwashi?) in order to attack.

Red StingEdit

Red Sting (レッド・スティング Reddo Sutingu?) is a flying scorpion-like Parasite that attacks with the powerful poison sting on its tail.

Sand Gator Edit

Sand Gator (サンドゲータ Sando Gēta?) is a carnivorous alligator-like Parasite that swims through sand, jumping out to attack.


Sandworm (サンドワーム Sandowāmu?) is a carnivorous independent Parasite.

Sea CobraEdit

Sea Cobra (シーコブラ Shī Kobura?), named Skimmer in the English manual, is an aquatic Parasite with a hard shell on its head, hands, and feet. It attacks by spinning itself like a drill.

Shellkargo Edit

Shellkargo (シェルカルゴ Sherukarugo?) is a clamlike Parasite that attacks by firing projectiles down at Kevin. It can close its shell to defend itself.

Tornader Edit

Tornader (トルネーダー Torunēdā?) is a Parasite capable of creating a large whirlwind around itself. It occasionally stops spinning to fire a projectile at the player from its stomach.

Turtle Eye Edit

Turtle Eye (タートルアイ Tātoru Ai?), named Seeker Drone in the English manual, is a machine sent out to monitor Kevin. It flies through the air, firing a laser to attack.


Weevil (ウィービル Uībiru?), named Entorrid in the English manual, is an insect-like Parasite. Being an independent Parasite, it can move without needing another creature to assimilate with, and when it spots a potential host, it attempts to capture them by scurrying forward.

Trivia Edit

Unnamed Boss 2010

The unnamed boss Parasite.

  • A large Parasite that covers an entire room appears as a boss in Street Fighter 2010 on the planet Tatowin. Its weak point is a giant eyeball that hangs from the ceiling, and can extend out on a stalk. This Parasite is never given a name in any supplemental sources, and remains one of the few enemies in the game with no proper name.

Sprites Edit

Androboy Sprite Brian Sprite Electric Tommy Sprite Flower Head Sprite Froggel Sprite Mummy Sprite Nidosandman Sprite Nisube Sprite Red Sting Sprite Sandworm Red Sprite Sandworm Yellow Sprite Sea Cobra Sprite Shellkargo Sprite Tornader Sprite


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